Ebla, Syria

by Tom
(St. Louis)

Ebla, Syria was a city established by Eber in Genesis 11:16.

Egyptian king Khafre who built the second pyramid at Giza traded Egyptian grain for Ebla beer.

Akkadian king Naramsin destroyed the city of Ebla. Then Ebla was rebuilt when Pepi I reigned over Egypt for his artifacts were found at Ebla.

Revealed in the Ebla Tablets are the Biblical cities of Sodom,Gomorrah,Admah,Zeboiim and Zoar the cities in Genesis 14:2.

Pepi II had trade with Sodom. Pepi II's Memphis dynasty fell upon his death and Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed 20 years after Pepi II had died.

Hafez Assad kicked out two Italian archaeologist in Syria saying their findings (Genesis 14:2) was a Zionist plot.

Ebla, Syria another example our Bible is historically and Biblically accurate.

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Oct 02, 2015
Ebla, Syria
by: Anonymous

nice post

Dec 16, 2012
Ebla, Syria and Egypt
by: Anonymous

Who knows what artifacts still remain buried at Ebla, Syria or in the sands of Egypt.

What about the Amorite Babylonian kings reigning at Babylon 1895-1595 B.C.? Didn't they have trade with Ebla and Egypt?

Too bad Bashar Assad reigns over Syria and there is a civil war over there. Its a shame the archaeologists were not allowed to uncover more artifacts at Ebla, Syria.

Dec 16, 2012
Ebla, Syria
by: Rich

Ebla, Syria may hold the key to unlocking the real chronology of ancient nations in the Middle-East since Egyptian chronology is flawed.

(1)Ebla was in existence as a flourishing prosperous city at the time Egyptian king Khafre reigned over Egypt.

Khafre son of Khufu, Redejef son of Khufu, Khufu son of Snef-ru, Path-ru high priest Ptah son of Snef-ru (Pathrusim ) Ptah Egyptian god worshipped by Djoser's high priest Imhotep. Pathrusim whose father is Mizraim in Genesis 10:6.

(2)Ebla was destroyed by Akkadian king Naramsin
during Egyptian king Menkaure (Manium) reign.

Akkadian king Sargon/Nimrod, Rimush son of Sargon, Manitushu son of Sargon and Naramsin Sargon's grandson who went to war against Manium the Egyptian king Menkaure the son of Khafre.

(3)Ebla was rebuilt when Pepi I reigned over Egypt, since Pepi I artifacts were found there.
The Canaanite cities of Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah, Zeboiim and Bela.

(4)Ebla, Syria was taken over by Hittite king Mursilas in 1595 B.C. when the Hittites attacked Babylon causing the fall of the Amorite/ Babylonian kingdom in the same year.

(5)Ebla, Syria was taken over by Egyptian king Thutmose III.

IF archaeologist find the Ebla records from Hittite king Mursilas taking over Ebla to Thutmose III take over, we might have more insight into Egyptian chronology dealing with the time Moses was in Egypt.

From 1595-1495 B.C. we may have a perfect Biblical, Egyptian and Hittite match IF Ebla records could be located.

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