by Joyce Gaines
(Houston, Texas)

People should think - science has proven that life of mankind originated in EAST AFRICA. Therefore, since the land then was one solid mass before the great EARTHQUAKE - which divided the land AS THE BIBLE says - and God created man in the EAST of The Garden of Eden, then the entire land mass was the Biblical Garden of Eden.

The earth was full of plant and animal life, where He would come to walk and enjoy His creations. EARTH is Eden to GOD!! As the Bible says; His thoughts are not like our thoughts, and His ways are not like our ways.

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May 21, 2014
No Great Earth Quake of Pangea
by: Elijah Your Condemnor

People never cease creating mythology. The greatest disaster during human existence is Noah's Flood. Yet with the millions of ways the land and people and nations and cities and families divided during Peleg's 200 years and his death at 239, the most absurd and untrue division is claiming a land division of one earthquake so great it pushes our land apart 1700 miles creating an Atlantic Ocean.

Such an instant disaster, or even in 1 year or 200 years, of quakes would destroy all life much greater than a single year-long baptism of all continents from a sub-crustal meltdown becoming an underground magma tsunami to sink land and rise it back up. Up and down once is not the same as push apart 1700 miles with life on earth not going under water again and drowning!

I think not! Yet why don't we go back to the theory, a domed plate as earth? This is why you do not know scripture when it says never again will rain terrify the earth for 40 days globally when most life is again destroyed. You do not see the next astral impact that will again Flood, and require heading to mountains because you have floods every year, yet you keep saying you're promised no more global Flood. Yet mockingly you describe a DIVISION of magnitude to push land 1700 miles apart as if that power does not kill all life, and cause global flood again in Peleg's days.

This claim is neither science nor is it the true God. Division still occurs, it is the twisting of words. This Great Quake of Pangea is in itself a division of truth causing division of truth. And the reason is still the same because stupid people are confused by sciences that God has created. God confuses them, so its an excuse to fabricate these stories, these languages.

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