Ed Renegar

by Ed Renegar
(Troutville, Virginia)

I am amazed with the parallels in the story line of Nimrod and the Tower of Babel, and the events unfolding in the world today. The global unification which pervades our culture seems to cry out "let us finish what we started".

Their efforts will never be completed. Their efforts failed then, and shall fail now. This world does not belong to man, it belongs to God Almighty and HIS, and only HIS purposes will be established and completed.

"Check Mate" was declared in the garden of Eden, and was a reality over 2000 years ago with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Satan still has a few moves left, but the end game is settled. It's over! Soon all rebels will be eradicated, and their Babel will be nothing more then a house of cards.

A feeble, mindless attempt to overthrow the LIVING GOD who declared the end from the beginning. All their work is a useless effort less they declare glory and God will not share his glory.

All praise to our mighty God.

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May 22, 2010
The Birthpangs

The book of Matthew touches on what the above post discussed. The "Global" efforts to unify our current world under one monetary system, government, and religion has been underway for quite some time now. When Jesus and His disciples were walking amongst the Temple, the disciples wanted Jesus to admire the size and beauty of it. Jesus responds it will be torn down, and not one stone left on another. His disciples asked the natural question of when these things will happen. Jesus then gives "hints" as to when the end times will occur. He states that "nation will rise against nation", and "kingdom against kingdom". This will be accompanied with famine, plagues, earthquakes, and other signs. However, Jesus warns His disciples that these are only signs, "the beginnings of birth pangs", and that the end is still to come.

Many feel these birthpangs were seen in the beginning of the 20th century. World War I and II were truly global wars, for the first time in recorded human history. A student of history is also familiar with the flu epidemics which took place during these years, as well as the Potato famine in Ireland. Numerous earthquakes were recorded during this period in time.

The world must have seemed to be turning upside down to those living during these early perilous years of the 20th century. Not only that, but the state of Israel was re-formed for the first time since 586 B.C. as a direct result of World War II.

Since then, the United Nations has grown to become a platform for world unification. Studies into a global, one world religion have been taking place over the last thirty years. The Euro was formed to unify currency. The internet has created an atmosphere of globalization, making information in Bangladesh a click away for a child in Alaska.

A bill was placed before the Russian political body last year attempting to unite Russia and nearby countries under one judicial system. This is a major goal of the United Nations. The President of the United States is on record as saying we are no longer defined by our boundaries, the implication being that of global citizenship.

Though these ideas and concepts may seem harmless, students of the Scriptures need be aware of the implications behind world unification, and global citizenship. The prophetic writings of the Bible, particularly those in Revelation, speak of the world wide persecution of those who do not "buy into" one world religion, government, and citizenship. Jesus makes it plain that nobody, not even Him, knows when the end will come, however, we are given clues as to what must transpire in order for it to take place.

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