Truth vs Control

by Janet
(Durham, NC, USA)

It is the truth that the sons of Noah populated the whole earth. Each of them through their generations passed down and changed their ideas of God and how they should be worshiped. It is also obvious, through study of historical data, that these men of old became gods and rulers of cities of which they named after themselves.

Wake up to religion. Why would anyone continue to believe in old established religions that do nothing for them but put them in subjection to others elevated positions of authority.

Wake up to the fact that America is only the start of pulling down these religious walls and bring forth the real God. God did not force Adam and Eve to follow him. God taught them and they chose to follow their own fancies to make up the religious world as it is today----followers of passed down fables.

We need to call on God personally and make him our God. God went looking for Adam and Eve personally in the garden when they had sinned. There were not 500 rules for talking to God as in religions today. These are all manmade for the purpose of controlling the masses.

Do you want to continue to be one of the masses. Pray to God the Father of Jesus to free you through Jesus. Remember, Jesus was killed by his own people for trying to free the masses. This is the world principle that controls religion and governments. It is all against God.

Wake up, the reckoning is coming and so is the new Jerusalem. Remember, Abraham was looking for a city built without hands. It's the place that will take the place of the biblical garden of eden on earth. God will not shove anything down anyone's throat, only people will do that. So get on the look for the real God. He will indeed set you free.

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