Doing the math

Look, I'm not here to chastise you for your beliefs, but there are about 5,000 species of mammals alone on planet earth. That would mean that over 10,000 mammals were on board. That excludes insects, reptiles, invertebrates and birds.

Secondly, all but the heartiest and atypical plant life on earth would have died after being submerged in salt water for a such a period. Where did Noah put the over 250,000 species of currently identified plants?

And what about freshwater fish? A sea level of 17,000 feet would certainly mean the waters of the Biblical flood would have been saline, making life impossible for freshwater fish. Thus, by biological necessity, Noah would have had to accommodate for the 12,000 species of currently identified freshwater fish.

Or, conversely, the waters may have been non-saline, meaning that Noah would have had to contain over 14,000 species of saltwater fish.

That would mean, realistically, that an arc of the proportions you've mentioned, would have been completely full of water to contain so many species.

Either you have your measurements incorrect, or...

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Dec 19, 2010
wrong factors mean wrong conclusions
by: Ed Renegar

The key word in the Biblical story of Noah is "KINDS". We see changes within "KINDS" or rather MICRO-evolution all the time.

This is not to be confused with MACRO-evolution, or Darwinian evolution, which suggests one day a Lizard came out of the sea, laid an egg and out popped a bird. With MICRO-evolution in mind one does not need as many species as you have cited in your writing.

Two of every "KIND" is enough to repopulate the Earth with changes within "KINDS", evolving into other species over time.I really don't know of any better place on earth which shows the "changes within KINDS" better than the Congo River.

There are new species of fish evolving in that river even to this day. The fish in that river still give birth to fish, not birds, or cows, or dogs.

Also,it is noteworthy here to add that true Science is that which can be seen, observed, and repeated.

Plant life can germinate in a matter of days, certainly in a couple of weeks, and as Noah's story unfolds; the animals were not released until about 5 months after the Ark came to rest.
In addressing your concern of fresh water fish and salt water fish, the Bible does not say that these animals were destroyed. The Bible clearly explains only the living things on the land were destroyed. There are many logical explanations for the preservation of the waterborn animals, but I will first encourage you to go back and re-do your Math.

Dec 07, 2010
Doing the math
by: Stanley7 Halek

You all are doing your all wrong math, because your all math is made in so hugely error, but as for myself I, Stanley7 Halek help solve your wrong-doing math.

I always follow Lord Jesus Christ's way, truth and life each and every Seventh/Sabbath/ Saturday ever best all the times all more years to come so forth ahead above you all with your all wrong-doing the math.

You all see:

Certainly 7,000 species of mammals alone on Planet Earth over 14,000 mammals were on board without insects, reptiles, invetebrates and birds. You all asked "Where put the over 700,000 species of currently identified plants? Verily, verily I say that you all are still too blind to not read well yet. You all forget all many different seeds still being there. The Lord God helped Noah to do so there. The waters have been no-salinemeaning that Noah did contained completely over 28,000 species of saltwater fish, because certainly full of water contains so many different 700,000 species. Over 21,000 feet freshwater fish always truly mean the waters of the Biblical Flood that had been saline, making life very, very possible for freshwater fish Noah did accommodated for the 21,000 species of currently identified freshwater fish. Verily, verily I say to you all to make up your all minds to follow how to feed all many different grain seeds only to all freshwater fish, not any pieces of wood to all them. All freshwater fish are more healthly than your all wrong-doing the math. Be smiled happily! Always yes and true! Okay. I thanked Lord Jesus Christ very much.

Always remember to follow Lord God Calendar of 24/7/30/12/48/360/1 to match perfectly always with His Holy Bible Book ever best all the times all more years to come so forth ahead in all nice futures. Your current false Gregorian calendar with no holy days, no holy weeks, no holy months and no holy years is made in always errors terribly, since your all wrong-start in 1582 with your all wrong A.D. years. Too bad!

Stanley7 Halek

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