Morons the sons of Mormon

by Elijah
(Kenosha, WI, USA)

This article is about an ancient nation, whether it existed or not, not about a modern religion.

There is actually only one Moroni son of Mormon, but neither existed so one might as well mock them all, the same way the name Cainan was intended to mock all the sons of Chaldea as the wayward son of Arpaxad (to avoid shame given to Shem for nimrod taking over Asshur), The Son of the Father.

The facts are, genetically no Aztec or Mayan has Jewish genetics. The Mayans left Ur in 2029bc with Asians who built Mari Syria, were then taken to Babylon in 1762bc, and freed in 1625bc went to India, followed Yu to Xia CHina in 1437bc, and Korea in 1373bc.

Another fact is that Joseph Smith challenged the artistic ability to write like Shakespeare and like the King James. So we should not be surprised to find that the Book of Mormon has these Mayan-Aztec Jews leave Jerusalem in 600bc 12 years before Jerusalem is destroyed in a James Ussher King James 588bc. It then proclaims over and over the exact year Christ will come in birth, and then 33 years later shows up dead and resurrected to this Mayan Mormon.

Joseph Smith testing his own writing ability he could be killed by over-zealous Christians who feel mockery can be executed as it was in Salem Mass. But if Joseph proclaims this is God then he actually establishes his legal citizen religious rights to be a whole church. AND DOES. But the book of Mormon has as many contradictions to our accepted 66 books of the Bible (rejecting anything beyond those 66) including the Koran as a 3rd collection beyond Old and New Testaments. Both the Koran and Mormon are claimed as a 3rd testimony to change things again.

But with Jesus stating not to accept further than himself, this means the Koran faces the need to only accept Jewish as if Old and Koran as New. The Mormon doesn't dare do this, yet they re-explain all the New as if an ancient Bible Study aide book to explain the Bible different than it is.

The conclusion is that in tracking nations from Noah, the most absurd aboriginal Aussie tribes and African tribes have closer connection to Noah and proof by genetics. The Mormon connection thru this fictitious Mormon has as much weight as the Ethiopian claim that they are both Solomon's baby from the queen of Sheba, and the new Christian Church of Philip.

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