Adam & Eve in the Koran

by Ashraf Soliman
(El Haram,Giza, Egypt)

About the creation of Adam and Eve, in our Koran the story is quite different to what i have just finish reading. It is said that God had collected his creatures (Angels and genies)and informed them that he will create a new creature, and this creature will represent him on earth, and have so many talents that you do not have, and you must obey him.

The Angels had a future vision about the human being and said to God; do you create the one who kills and corrupts the earth, and we obey your instructions? God said (I know what I do) so they respected the order of God - except the king of Genies who was so loyal to God too.

This king was Satan or Demon (in our language we call him Eblies as mentioned in Koran)...Satan refused to obey the instruction of God, and his reason was ; how come you create me from fire which is superior to dust, and you ask me to obey him? (in nature fire is the purest mater, then comes in categories Air,then water,and the last is dust)

Then God cursed him forever, and threw him out of God forgiveness. The Satan tried to prove to God that this Adam does not deserve your kindness and forgiveness, and please give me a time till the end of life to show you the evidence, so the God accepted his proposal.

I would like to add that Adam was created from brown clay and turned to dust in death, anyway, Aden(Saba) was mentioned as the land of Yemen and was ruled by a queen who fell in love with King Soliman (the prophet). Adam was created first,and Eve created from his rib (the right one).

They first lived in Paradise (unknown planet somewhere in the galaxy is my own thought). This paradise is similar somewhat to earth (rivers,green gardens,etc.). God taught Adam all the names of other creations and (birds,animals,mountains,etc) gave Adam and Eve every thing like comfort, happiness, fruits and the best foods, but he warned them not to eat from a specific apple tree.

As evidence to their loyalty, Satan came to them in the shape of serpent and convinced them that if they eat from this tree they will never die. And the disaster occurred..they disobeyed their God. The God became so angry with them as well as Satan, and cast them all away from his paradise to come down to earth and suffer, and said I will give you two routes; My route and Satan's route, and you have to chose.

In the mean time to help you ,I will send messengers and prophets to show my instructions to earth.

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