Death and Universal Consciousness

by Avery Grant Staples
(Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

I am leaning toward the belief that Enoch became enlightened to the same universal truth that the Buddha had: Death is only a mind construct of the unenlightened.

Once we, as sentient beings, understand that we are not truly of flesh, but one Universal Consciousness that chooses to manifest in flesh, then death has no meaning. Also, being Universal Consciousness, we already are One with God, Cosmic Consciousness, or whatever we choose to call our Oneness.Christ pretty much said the same thing when He said,"I am in my Father and My Father is in Me." To be "saved" is to have that enlightened power over death.I think we need to learn to understand and appreciate the metaphorical language unique to cultural religions of the world. Some of us tend to take the literal interpretation approach to trying to understand scripture and we miss the spiritual point.

Due to this form of ignorance, we have unnecessary religious wars even though all religions are speaking of the same religious truth through their own unique language. I could go on and on with all the diverse religious books of the world,but I think I have made my point. I know others have pretty much spoken or written the same thing throughout history, so mine is just a reminder.

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Jul 07, 2012
Not All the Same
by: Christopher

If this were true, then why is (Hindu) India a filthy, overcrowded, corrupt, poverty stricken, 'spiritual' mess?

Jul 07, 2012
What a load of BS !
by: Christopher

For once Lujack Skylark, I am inclined to agree (ps, hope you read my last few comments on my article: "Who killed Jesus" - see "whats new" button)

Back to my point, this article is written with the point of view of abolishing all religions in favour of a one world religion, without any real religious convictions contained in it. It is therefore ANTI-CHRISTIAN.

We as Christians do not worship "the universe" or "the big crystal in the sky"! If we follow the Christian New, or Old Testament of the Bible we do not except homosexuality, as it is expressly forbidden in both Testaments for example.

The Universe is for the most part nothing more than a vast, and possibly endless vacuum of empty space, with a certain amount of matter orbiting or being orbited by other matter (rocks, burning gases, ice, etc.) The galaxies, the other astronomical formations are beautiful, but largely lifeless reflections of the glory of God (Yahweh - father of Jesus Christ), but nothing more. They also give us the seasons, the tides and the times (e.g. the Sun and the Moon) BECAUSE GOD created them to do just that!

Your belief in merging all religions (inter-faith) is evil and results in the destruction of true Christianity!

Jul 07, 2012
Spiritual Truth
by: Lujack Skylark

All religions do not speak the same spiritual truth. The ONLY path to everlasting life is Jesus.(John 3:16)

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