Did God create Death, Satan, Evil, from non-existence when there was none prior?

by Marsella Harrison
(Washington Courthouse, Ohio, US)

My daughter asked me a question today. A question among many I dread answering because my studies through out the years have been so complex, and my mind is so complex, it would take a whole book for me to answer this properly. And would involve the Bible, Science, Physics, and so much more. But I tried a tiny summary and here it is.
The Harrison short Bible study for today: "Did God create Death, Satan, Evil, etc, where there was none? And if so, why would a Merciful loving Father do such a thing.
Isa 45:7 I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.
Wis 1:13 For God made not death: neither hath he pleasure in the destruction of the living.
If I take a lump of clay and work it with my hands till it becomes a bowl, I have created, formed, made a bowl. I did make, did create, did form a bowl. It is still that lump of clay, yet it now has a new appearance and a use.
People for generations have messed up in their forming of their beliefs by not comprehending these three words. It means to take that which already exist and change its apparent form which gives it use or a new use. To make it useable.
Another mess up with people is not grasping "eternal". It means no time at all. Time is as a circle with no start or end. It is continuous. Round and round and round and round. It never started and shall never stop.There is no days, weeks, months, years.
There are two realms. Eternal and temporal. The temporal consists of physical, aside from the inner spirit of man. The eternal consists of no physical. It is pure spirit realm! No males, no females, no old, no young, etc. There is no time. There is no age. Nothing starts there. Nothing is born there. Nothing stops and nothing ends. God has always been and always shall be and he is immutable which is to be unchangeable. So is Holy Spirit, angels, Death, Satan, Unclean spirits. None of these can change. No angel can become an unclean spirit. Satan is no "fallen" angel", We get that he's a mere angel from Job 1. We think God created evil from Isaiah and mis interpretation of "create". And we get misconstrued because we don't let it sink in that there is no time in the eternal realm. Time is involved in beginning and end and birth and death. And the time as we know time to be in our realm is only an appearance. Why do you think Jesus said the time is at hand, yet it wasn't? But in his reality it was and is.
People think God spoke everything into existence from nothingness, and zap!. It was there. From nothing. There is no such thing as non-existence. Either it exists and always has and always will, or it never existed and never shall. A magician makes a rabbit or a lady disappear. It is a mere appearance. In reality she slips under the stage or the rabbit is in a pocket compartment in the hat. But they came from somewhere and went somewhere.
God cannot simply speak Satan, Death, evil, unclean spirits and etc out of non-existence because he never spoke them into existence, per say. He took that which existed and changed its form or appearance to make it all useable for further change. The purpose was to separate good and evil into two separate locations where one can never affect or infect the other again. If it can exist for the rest of eternity, it has always existed, just in another form and appearance. And God can speak nothing into non-existence because all is eternal. It can be changed and separated but not destroyed into a non-existence that does not exist.
Eternal spirits that are immutable were not placed in this realm or in bodies. Their forms were not changed. They are whole, final, complete, ready to enter into their final destination, whether of eternal kingdom or eternal damnation. We, however, are not whole or complete and not immutable and do require change before we enter into our eternal destination. We can look at our bodies that bind our eternal non-physical spirit as a cocoon. And from it shall come a beautiful butterfly or an ugly moth; a son of God or a son of death.
So in actuality, my God and Father did not bring forth Death, Satan, unclean spirits, darkness, evil, etc where none existed prior. He changed what already existed making it useable in bringing forth a final eternal state. Not new or old, just a separation of the two.
There is no old, there is no new, only the appearance thereof.
When you swear to others your God made all these things that cause inner and outer suffering from non-existence; when you swear your God created Death and Satan, etc, don't you get a funny feeling inside when you say it? It's because the truth is in you and when it does not come out right it does not feel right.
God did not create these things from non-existence. He changed what it was to become what is shall be, and did this due to love and Mercy for us all. And what life really is: it is a separation process between Life and Death and all that came forth from both eternal entities.
And again, unclean spirits and angels are immutable. They can't become the opposite of what they are.
Some day I need to just write the books. But it would involve volumes, and also multitude head aches and migraines.

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