by Dorothy Wood
(Bellows Falls, VT.)

The Nephilim were indeed on the earth in the days prior to the flood, and after the flood, just as Gen. 6:4 says.

They were a hybrid of half human/half angel union.
These sons of fallen angels were gigantic in size, and as evil as Satan himself. They ruled over the Earth with greed and instilled horror in all mankind.

The earth women didn't have a choice as to whether or not they married these monstrous beings. The bible says they married "all whom they chose."

When the angels saw the daughters of men, they lusted after them in un-natural ways, both sexually and in wanting "sons after their own kind." They evidently didn't stop their un-natural lusts with women, they also went after other "strange flesh", namely, human men, animals, fish, birds, reptiles, anything they could "cohabit" with.

They did on a grand scale everything and anything they could to disrupt God's creation, by polluting us and all created beings, all to thwart Gods plan of a perfect creation.

They started a rebellion in heaven and were eventually thrown out of heaven down to the vicinity of Earth, where
and their coming back in the last days... NOW...probably already here.

For as in the days of Noah, so it will be in the last days, they were eating, drinking, being married, and given in marriage, and THEY "took no note" UNTIL the flood came and swept them all away.

The "THEY" in this scripture is referring to the Nephilim.

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