YAHWEH's Daughter

by Kay

It is no mystery who the Watchers are for YAH has told us in Gen. 6:1-4, and as one reads further we understand why our FATHER YAH destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.

In Jude verses you can start at 3-8 then 10, 11, 13.We are admonished by YAHWEH to show ourselves approved. A worker rightly dividing the Word need not be ashamed. I know that YAH sent a group (200) of angels to watch over HIS children as sin entered the world through Adam. These angels saw the daughters of men and left their first estate and married and impregnated the daughters of the sons of men.

From here on it became nasty and horrible and more sinful than ever. This can be found in the book of Enoch. I purchased it on by Joseph Lumpkin.

Remember we were made to worship YAHWEH and YAHWEH only.THE BABIES THAT THESE DAUGHTERS BORE FOR THESE RENEGADE ANGELS WERE OVER 23 feet tall (do your research). The renegade angels began teaching the daughters how to cast spells, wear make-up, make and wear ear rings and all kind of toe rings and ankle bracelets, all kinds of filthy sexual acts.

They taught the men how to make weapons of war and make war. Because of the hugeness of these renegade angels they were devouring all of the peoples food; and then they started eating the animals, alive! Then they started eating the people.

Yes, they started to eat YAH's children. People, this is why Sodom and Gomorah and all the surrounding towns were destroyed! They were having everyone and everything, nothing was off limits for and to them, and the people had begun doing it with them eventually.

They had became very wicked in the sight of The Most High. I also began purchasing other books, but through prayer I was able to discern truth from a lie in these books.

In my prayers to The Most High YAHWEH, He led me to the COFAH NETWORK, where I began learning much more.

I left the church system as YAH never told us to sit in a church, and every church on this planet earth hails from those Watcher's children; those that run the Roman Catholic church system.

READ EPH. 6 and you will learn who we fight against. Shalom!

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