Common sense of the Nephilim return

by Sam
(Reynoldsburg Ohio)

In (Gen.6:4) we can see how the return of the Nephilim came to be. Basic demonic manifestation of these angelic beings called the sons of God is also stated in Job 1:6 /2:1 & 38:7.

Here is where the common sense comes into play. If this happened before the Flood, and we know all angelic beings are spirit, what would make any of us think these demonic angelic spirits could be destroyed by a flood? Their human offspring most certainly, but a spirit?

So in Numbers and Deuteronomy, when all of a sudden these human Giants start to appear again, all we are seeing is Gen. 6:4 happening again, only this time after the flood.

That should not surprise anyone. Its just simple common sense. I don't see a mystery here.

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Sep 07, 2012
The Nephilim and the Biblical Text
by: AmiraBintYhwh

It really is very simple: before the flood even occurs the passage says clearly "there were giants in those days AND AFTERWARD, when the sons of man came into the daughters of men..."

From that single verse we can gather two important points: (1) before the flood even happens we are told there will be nephilim AFTER the flood; and (2) we are told PRECISELY how nephilim come into being (by demons interbreeding with women). Since Noah was "perfect in his generations" we know that he and his sons couldn't have passed on any demonic DNA, so it HAD to be that demons bred with women even AFTER the flood.

Feb 15, 2011
Common Sense
by: Dixie T

I have to agree with you, Sam. God did not make His word "difficult" for mankind to understand. I am of this same belief, as you---the "spirit" part of an entity DOES NOT DIE! And Scripture "disagrees" with Stanley7 that ALL demonic and "fallen spirits" were ALREADY destroyed by God. Scripture just totally refutes this theory by Stanley7. If they are "destroyed already", then HOW can they come up out of the "bottomless pit" AGAIN, as Scripture tells us WILL HAPPEN? Common sense---you are so right.

Feb 13, 2011
Common sense of the Nephilim return by Sam (Reynoldsburg, Ohio)
by: Stanley7

Have you not read? All flesh on Earth was destroyed by the Lord God's Great Flood, as same as all bad demonic spirits were destroyed by the Lord God, Himself, too. No More Cain's Giant Nephilim Peoples!

After the Great Flood, during King Nimrod's life and times, King Nimrod, Deaf Mighty Hunter, 30, grew his own Deaf Giant Bow Hunters to build his Tower of Babel, but not with Giant Nephilim Peoples anymore. I, Stanley7 thanked Lord Jesus Christ very much for His Nice Wonderful Information to me, Stanley7, only one left on Earth.

At once on a time some years ago Jesus said to me, Stanley7, that One Holy spirit of the Lord God, Lord Jesus Christ only, on all Saturdays only, too, is very, very powerful to destroy all bad (Demonic) spirits emptied in His Heaven, as same as all flesh on Earth during the Lord God's Great Flood Time. No More Nephilims, No More Giants, No More Mighty Bow Hunters and No More Goliaths on Earth for a very, very long future time ahead! Okay. Always yes and true!
Thank you,

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