Egypt and Sumer, the Oldest Civilizations?

Archeologist agree that Egypt and Sumer were the oldest known civilizations, yet both show no evolutionary progression. Their knowledge was mysteriously learned from a proto culture, the Annunaki in Sumer and the Kemitens in Egypt.

Both described in their lore as serpent headed creatures of great intelligence and power.This coupled with the depictions described in Amram's vision points to a Atlantean culture of unearthly

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Jun 08, 2013
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Jan 20, 2012
by: Robert Marshall

There is so much information about where man came from.Who was first and the generations who came after? Where is God in all this? God created everything out of nothing. I'm sure he had everything figured out. Adam and Eve were first. I am sure Adam's sin did not take God by surprise. This whole creation is by God's design. All we can do is try to trace back in time the history of it all. Someone once said, remember the oldies, you never heard anyone say, remember the newies. The only ones who see the future are psychics. Who are you going to believe? I have heard so many stories over the years. I suppose some are true and some are not. God gives us a picture of the future with Him. Since i am going in that direction, and not backwards I think i will stay here in the present going into the future of eternal life, rather back to dead past.

Jan 20, 2012
The Bible, Egypt and Sumer

When Peleg was born planet earth was divided into nations. Peleg's birth equals 0 year of civilization.


0 year Peleg was born.
30th year Reu was born.
62nd year Serug was born.
92nd year Nahor was born.
121st year Terah was born.
Terah lives 121-326 years in the history of nations. (Genesis 11:32 & 12:4)
251st year Abraham was born.


0-56 years Sargon/Nimrod reigns over Sumer.
56-65 years Rimush reigns over Sumer.
65-80 years Manishtushu reigns over Sumer.
80-120 years Naramsin reigns over Sumer.
(Sumer poem states Gutium brought down Naramsin)
120-211 years Gutium reign over Sumer.
211-218 years Utu-Khegal reigns over Sumer.
218-326 years Abraham's UR. The UR III dynasty.

Terah dies in the 326th year of civilization at Haran in the same year UR falls to the Elamites.


0-18 years Zoser builds Egypt's 1st pyramid.
18-42 years Snefru developes trade with Byblos.
42-64 years Khufu receives gold from the Nubians
64-71 years Redejef developes trade with Dilmun.
71-95 years Khafre developes trade with Ebla.
95-121 years Menkaure trades with Greeks.
121-125 years Shepsekaf murdered by the priests.
125-132 years Userkaf has trade with Cythera.
132-145 years Sahure has trade with Punt.
145-174 years Unas has trade with Barbar temple.
174-187 years Teti has trade with Gudea.
187-236 years Pepi I 50,000 Nubians fight for him
236-330 years Pepi II has trade with UR III.

132-142 years Neferirkare reigns at Elephantine.
Neferirkare is Sahure's brother.
142-149 years Shepseskare reigns.
149-156 years Neferefre reigns.
156-187 years Niuserre reigns.
187-195 years Menkauhor reigns.
195-234 years Djedkare reigns brings back pygmy from Central Africa. Pepi II would recieve a pygmy from Central Africa.

The Bible and Sumer history match up in the 326 year of nations. Egypt is controversial.

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