Which Son of Noah are the Chinese Descended?

Are Asian people (Chinese) desendents of Shem and of what son?

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Nov 08, 2011
Son of Noah
by: Robert Marshall

After the flood people multiplied on the earth. They all spoke the same language. God said in the beginning to multiply and fill the earth. Nimrod was a leader that wanted to build a tower to the Heavens. God wanted them to multiply and they weren't doing that. God changed the language. It would appear that the people that could understand someone who spoke the same language, would congregate together. It doesn't say which one of the sons of Noah was a descendant of the oriental people. I suppose we can assume that God in His Sovereignty changed the features of the people of the world when he changed the language. The Bible says not to look into genealogy. I suppose people can find out about their relatives only so far back. Other than that the only way is if an expert in genealogy can trace back to that time. But since we can't be sure about the information we would always doubt. It is nice to know how mankind got to where he is today, but it is all in the past. The past is dead, the future is not here yet. Someone once said,the unsaved live in the past, because they have no future. The saved live in the future because the past is dead. Eternal life is ahead,not in the past. We are told as children to look to the future to build your life on. Eternal retirement is not in the past. Retirement in this world is also in the future. I have a curiosity about the past, but i do not dwell on it.There is no hope in the past, Hope is in the future. It could be that God will explain all these things to us in eternity. It would be great to know. The old west wasn't the way it is depicted in the movies. A friend said to me, take care of what you have and don't worry about what you don't have. Good advice.

Nov 08, 2011
The True Story of Noah and The Flood.
by: Ronald Duane Cochran

(874.8) 78:7.3 Almost five thousand years later, as the Hebrew priests in Babylonian captivity sought to trace the Jewish people back to Adam, they found great difficulty in piecing the story together; and it occurred to one of them to abandon the effort, to let the whole world drown in its wickedness at the time of Noah’s flood, and thus to be in a better position to trace Abraham right back to one of the three surviving sons of Noah.

(875.1) 78:7.4 The traditions of a time when water covered the whole of the earth’s surface are universal. Many races harbor the story of a world-wide flood some time during past ages. The Biblical story of Noah, the ark, and the flood is an invention of the Hebrew priesthood during the Babylonian captivity. There has never been a universal flood since life was established on Urantia. The only time the surface of the earth was completely covered by water was during those Archeozoic ages before the land had begun to appear.

(875.2) 78:7.5 But Noah really lived; he was a wine maker of Aram, a river settlement near Erech. He kept a written record of the days of the river’s rise from year to year. He brought much ridicule upon himself by going up and down the river valley advocating that all houses be built of wood, boat fashion, and that the family animals be put on board each night as the flood season approached. He would go to the neighboring river settlements every year and warn them that in so many days the floods would come. Finally a year came in which the annual floods were greatly augmented by unusually heavy rainfall so that the sudden rise of the waters wiped out the entire village; only Noah and his immediate family were saved in their houseboat.

(875.3) 78:7.6 These floods completed the disruption of Andite civilization. With the ending of this period of deluge, the second garden was no more. Only in the south and among the Sumerians did any trace of the former glory remain.

(875.4) 78:7.7 The remnants of this, one of the oldest civilizations, are to be found in these regions of Mesopotamia and to the northeast and northwest. But still older vestiges of the days of Dalamatia exist under the waters of the Persian Gulf, and the first Eden lies submerged under the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea.

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