Proof of Sodom and Gomorrah Existence

by Gian Smiths

This is a nice blog, but still confused about its reality. So, could you try helping me find out if it is just a myth, or the stories are true?

Here's a link that I want you to check .

I'm still doing my my research about
Covenant Marriage, so I hope you could help me with that link.

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Sep 09, 2018
Bible is the word of God NEW
by: THomas

The bible is the word of God handed down through the ages, every story in this book from creation to the raptures is our guide, our book of instruction to live our lives by, to repent of our sinful ways and go on to have eternal life. Darwin got it wrong and is a fauls prophet teaching everlosion and the Big Bang thory. God created all matter regardles how small

Apr 23, 2011
by: Anonymous

We know Sodom existed. The Egyptian king Pepi II had trade with Sodom, and there is evidence Sodom & Gomorrah ruins are at the bottom of the Dead Sea.

Byblos was destroyed by an earthquake shortly after God destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah. The Egyptian king Amenemhet I restored trade with Byblos, while Sodom & Gomorrah were never rebuilt.

Apr 03, 2011
Proof of Sodom and Gomorrah Existence
by: Stanley7

Proof of Sodom and Gomorrah's Existence was deadly wrong, because of "POLYANDRY" there, where the stupid bad practice of having more than one husband at one time there to create all bad terrible diseases.

Abraham's nephew Lot was there at that time, so Lot's 2 daughters were born by himself from another woman that was frozen to death later.

Then Lot was with his each daughter to give her each birth by himself. Abraham had to go there to escape Lot from there, before Lord God destroyed all over there.

Covenant Marriage means both male and female are truly united in their agreement to get married together. If something goes wrong between male and female, they can get divorced for their truly reasons at all.

Lord God loves both male and female married ever best all the times all more years to come so successfully.

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