Days of Noah part 1

by Marsella Harrison
(Washington Courthouse, Ohio, US)

#1 of 2 parts-

Mat 24:37 But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.
Mat 24:38 For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark,
Mat 24:39 And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

Are we so bent on trying to outwit the next on what actually took place in Genesis 6 and in Noah's day that we fail to see we are in days such as those days?

I want to go off track and then return.
In 2010 I returned to a city where I was born and raised, thinking I was "going home". I became trapped there for two years. And in that time I learned more about many things I never thought I'd be so familiar with.

When I first returned there and witnessed multitudes of homeless people everywhere, I wrongfully blamed our government. There are so many resources out there everywhere for homeless. Yes, there are some sad cases of people down on their luck and etc and so on. But "all" the cases I saw, "all" of them were drug addicts. Many alcoholics as well. They choose homelessness, taking any money they get and spending it on drugs and then sleeping in abandoned houses and eating meals at churches that serve hot meals. And all received some type of assistance from the government.

Heroine addiction has become an epidemic. I refer to it as the greatest tool Satan has over man today. A person can be hooked after trying it one time. Once their hooked their possessed by it. They wake thinking about it and go to sleep or go without sleep thinking about it. Have to have it several times per day. They can't hold a job. Many females become hookers to pay for their habit and men and women hooked on it will rob their own mom.

I left that city again. A city where almost all people are puffed up with pride, selfish and self centered, arrogant, aggressive, mean, violent, self righteous, greedy for fast gain, gossipers, drama addicts, completely immoral while believing their more moral than the next.

I helped a homeless girl. Let her shower at my house, gave her a clean shirt and food. She robbed me on her way out.

Another person I let shower at my house stole my grand son's bicycle.

My grandfather says the best time of his life was during the Great Depression. You were poor. But people helped each other, families stayed together and worked together, etc. And marriage was sacred.

But during the Great Depression Roosevelt instituted the welfare system. And women were aloud to work. Two good and necessary things at the time. But like every good thing in America, it got abused. Women realized they did not have to tolerate a man, even the father of their children. Many felt they needed no head over them. They could do fine on their own. They demanded equal rights and equal pay. This was followed soon by the Women's Lib movement. We had broken home's. We had children who had to clean, cook, care for siblings, get a job, and never be permitted to just be kids on top of broken homes.

And the men began to feel they need not stay to support the family because the government would or the woman could get a job. In homes broken with divorce and step parents, even multiple step parents, and such chaos, there is guilt and shame and knowledge of things not right followed by less church, less God and prayer in the home, and soon there was no prayer in school.

So children growing up in broken homes created broken homes un-wittedly. People, even families became dependent on welfare and their children also followed by their children. So people were quitting school, not working, living off welfare, creating broken families, and so on. Following in parents foot tracks who had followed in their foot tracks. And children repeat what they live and add to it. And their children repeat and add.

There was "some" child abuse in homes. So America who goes over board banned "discipline" from homes and schools they deemed as "abuse".
So we lacked discipline. We lacked God in the home and in school. Parents did not stay together. Multitudes were abusing the welfare system. Without God and without discipline we lacked moral values. America grew in violence, crime, etc

Then came people wanting different answers for the obvious. Why are children as they are? Why is violence as it is? Why are relationships as they are? On and on.

So Psychology only used to bind un-wanted wives and for the truly insane and so on deep in the past, shot it's ugly head right up there and gave names to every thing under the sun. Bipolar, ADHD, Agoraphobia, Conduct disorder (inability to behave), and so on.
I heard someone say mental disorders existed in the past but people did not air their dirty laundry in public.

In my grandfather's day girls grew up with one intention. To get married and hopefully marry well. Boys grew up thinking about working the land, getting wed, having kids. Some moved to towns and cities and had jobs and owned businesses rather than work the land. It was uncommon to not hear about God and not go to church. And if the child got too out of hand you took that child behind the wood shed. Mamma taught the kids schooling and read the Bible at night and cooked and cleaned and did chores and might even help on the farm. All kids had chores. And the man was the head of the house. But he loved his wife as himself. She was his help meet and mother of his children. And not until death did they part. You had morals, discipline, God and switch could fix your disorder right up for ya!

Wrap a good portion of your disorders together and sum them up and they boil down to one name for most all: Lack of self control brought on by lack of discipline.

So, more prisons were needed, more mental clinics and hospitals and wards. More psychologists paid by government. More rehab centers. Money, money, money. And America has a pointing problem. If one can point their finger at something or someone to blame they do not make proper effort to change or reverse the problem and one day it's too big to fix or reverse if one desired to do so.
And then we give money to other peoples and nations and care more for what their up to than the goings on in our own back yard.
America is selfish, self centered, greedy, violent, cruel, broken, broke, immoral...........

Today's immoral is yesterday's moral. Today's moral is yesterday's immoral. And if even devout Christians would compare their thinking and ways to that of Christ and Bible they may not find them selves to be as moral as they thought they were.

Right after Adam and Eve, and the garden matter, and for years that followed, We have an incredibly spiritual and moral era. Angels spoke to people! God was familiar to all. Truth had not faded yet. Just as in the Great Depression.
But in time people were rejecting God, creating their own gods and images, and pushing God out of family and home. Each generation new less about God. The world became violent, self centered, puffed up with pride, greedy, immoral, ungodly, sexually immoral, lacking in knowledge of God and good,spiritually confused and lacking.
Now we are back to Genesis 6 and the Days of Noah continued in part 2 of 2.

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