Melchizedek in the Urantia Book

by Warren
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Melchizedek is discussed in the Urantia book, and ignoring its authorship, it has interesting things to say about him. Apparently, Melchizedek is a priest from divinity that came to prepare the world for the appearance of Jesus Christ.

Melchizedek spread a seed of religious thought throughout the world from his headquarters in Salem. Melchizedek also had an order of priests, as the New Testament attests to.

These missionaries of Salem apparently undertook one of the greatest religious treks ever attempted in human history, and spread the religion of one god, or father, of mankind.

Melchizedek's teaching's spread throughout both the occidental and oriental world, and influenced practically all major religions.

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Feb 05, 2022
I believe this is true NEW
by: Carmel

I believe and know this to be true

Sep 09, 2014
Melchizedek Visitation
by: Rod

Melchizedek (Machiventa) is discussed at length in Paper 93. "THE Melchizedeks are widely known as emergency Sons, for they engage in an amazing range of activities on the worlds of a local universe." (93:0.1)

The Urantia Blessing site is a good online resource for learning more about Melchizedek. Or click on the "just browsing" emoticon o~o on the Home page to download a new PDF of the Papers for offline reading.

Regarding the 5 star rating ...
World conditions hint that another Melchizedek visitation draws nigh - the more we learn about this "emergency Son" the more we'll be prepared for the visitation.

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