The 12 Tribes of Israel / We're ALL Related

by Sheila A Bryant
(Dallas, Texas )

After God destroyed mankind with the flood, Noah's sons Shem, Ham, and Japheth and their wives replenish the earth. Therefore, we the people, are from one of these group of people. With that being said, we are all connected to one another, being that Shem, Ham, and Japheth are the sons of Noah. Now the question becomes, which of the three sons of Noah are you descendant of?
I'm so glad I love reading the holy bible (KJV). I've learned as I continually read the bible over and over again, I learn something new and fascinating each season.

This season I have become more in tune with the 12 Tribes of Israel. While reading the last chapter in Ezekiel and learning that there are 3 tribes in each quadrant (north, south, east and west), and how God gave each tribe a certain amount and measurement of inheritance. Upon learning that, and reflecting back to Ezekiel asking the question, "Will these dry bones live again?" Then reading Daniel chapter 1 after Nebuchadnezzar had taken into captivity the Hebrew boys (Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abedneggo) I was truly blown away. Because by now, I thought the children of Israel were already taken into captivity (God placed them in captivity for 70 years).

What I discovered, there were actually more than one instance when the captivity took place. There were actually three different instances when certain groups were taken into captivity. This lead me to want to know about the origin of each tribal group. For instance, the tribe of Judah was a tribe of royalty, and were a knowledgeable group of people who knew about science, and other great things that Nebuchadnezzar felt would be useful to him and his Babylonian empire.

For those of us who are single, I strongly advise reading the holy bible everyday. There are just endless things to learn about the bible, and you will even learn how to apply God's word to your daily life. After all, it is an instruction book of how to live our lives here on earth, right! You will learn how to RESPOND to everyday problems here on earth if you just read God's instructions, it's really that simple! :)

Sheila B.
The Blessed One
Always allow God's will to be your way!

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Apr 06, 2017
Know the truth
by: Anonymous

Nosh new you should be ashamed of yourself for posting such idiotic nonsense. Africa is the birth place of humans. How can Noah be white with black sons. Lol we are connected by the y chromosomes. The middle east is nothing but northeast Africa. We created the human race thru Gods will. Black people are Gods first creation from the dirt of the ground. No race on this earth can have black kids. Look up the defendants of Noah sons and the defendants of the twelve tribe. Research before you post.

May 03, 2016
by: Anonymous

So many people afraid of a book our doing research,we exist for no other reason. Keep in mind Noah was white in skin color. And his father told all that saw fear not his skin is only the color of the fallen ones but his heart is of the most high.The angles are Black and when they fell from heaven they were disrobed of there color and fell to earth white.And Noah's sons were Black

Jun 15, 2013
The Truth
by: gordon steyn

Both comments below are from me Gordon Steyn. I missed "Your Name" section. Ai!

I am standing up for God the Father, the One that never changes, the One that has sent His only Son to make it possible entering the Kingdom of God. He, who died, stood up and conquered death so that He has the power to save His sinful Children. Christ the Lord, the only way to enter the Kingdom is through the Son.

The Bible teaches you that His Children is Israel. Israel is His first choice and greatest love (Isa 43). 12 Tribes, the sons of Jacob. God renamed Jacob as Israel and therefore is known as the God of Israel. You cannot become an Israelite because you believe. You can enter Heaven taking God as your savior. There will be separation in Heaven as God always intended it to be on earth.

Satan broke this boundary, questioning Christians with their mellow faith. We are all made by God. Yes it started that way but, it very soon became Satan’s bloodline. Satan questions weak Christians with the following: Do not discriminate. God blessed Israel alone. Who said we are all equal?

God will not allow Satan’s bloodline to be equal with His chosen people. That will make it easier for Satan to dilute the bloodline of Christ. No Apartheid, God instructed Israel over and over not to allow any other race between them. This current world is not according to God’s command. Do not believe for one moment because it is the way now that God will accept it. God does not come to man’s level. He said no, then it will always be no.

Racism: God called the Pharisees Vipers. Did he curse towards them? (Mat3:7) They came to be baptized and were found unworthy. They will never be found worthy for their Father to whom they obey was Satan. They were born from Abraham, but their bloodline did not stay within God’s wishes.

Today countries are a washing machine. Rules and Christianity religion are bended to accommodate everyone. We must intermarry and become all children of God. Man made new rules and so said it is God's will. He never did throughout the entire Bible. Will he change now because your wishes demand it?

Discrimination, apartheid and racism are Satan’s twisted laws and he named it. Man cannot break the above rules of Discrimination, apartheid or racism because then you are the outsider and not Christian. What? It is exactly what God wanted for Israel. How could God if he made us all? Simply, if you found out what true Christianity stands for will you still follow? God knows what he wants. If you are not one of them then you can do nothing to change that. The truth will reveal all answers.

Churches continue to preach different from the Bible and so confusion will be the order of the day. The Preachers today are too afraid to teach the truth. Most new generations have been taught wrong and they are too brainwashed to learn for themselves. Question everything and become strong within your faith.

Jun 15, 2013
God Is Truth
by: Anonymous

Strife…wow. Did I lie about what I wrote. Have I made evil suspicions? How could you know that you are a Christian if you do not know Christ? You might believe the One is true that died and rose but that is not enough. Faith is not “believed” alone. If you do not understand for whom he came and was sent then how can you know if you are chosen.

The laws are to be followed as God has given it. That is not faith but action. Does it not burn inside you? If you cannot teach who God is then you failed as a Christian. Being strong let other see you and by that can they see God is your King.
“Unkind word can stay in a person’s mind”…only if it does not go the way a person wanted it to be. If you lack the knowledge by which I opened it then go search for yourself. Nobody will help you on judgment day if you did nothing.

Mellow or false faith will also not be an excuse. Do you know God if He asked you? Have you bound with Him in His Word? Do you still require to be taught? Then you know nothing. That is not a lie or argument.

“persons spirit, causing death to it or hurt and harm to it, it is the same as murder or assault.”

When Moses killed the Egyptian and shortly afterwards he faced the same problem, but this time between Israelites. He did not strike the Israelite. Why? Because God was strong with him. He knew not to do unkind things to his neighbor. Moses' kind was Israel. God never accused Moses as a murderer. He never committed murder. You cannot see or understand the boundaries of God’s Law for Israel. If you are not of Israel then I have nothing to tell. If you are a true believer, the choice lies with you to become stronger in Knowledge. Ask and I will help with guidance. You already judged me as evil without proving that what I wrote is wrong.

“chat rooms I will not enter again”…run away if you must. A true Christian will ask if in need. Not my will or your will but God’s will counts.

“You ought not to be cruel with words” If anyone attacks God falsely I will do what King David did. I set you straight. Your faith will be tested. Don’t expect tears for you. You are the master of your own judgment. Not standing up is cruel to the person who is in need. When weak you are not hungry to question your faith. You should be? Your life depends on it?

Jun 15, 2013
Believing you are a Christian is good
by: Anonymous

This website is deleting comments made towards me and keeping my replies. Funny that. Reading it out of context does make it very difficult to understand.

Let's take latest comment from the top: “I cannot read no more from Gorden Styen who has ruined this site for me."

And I will tell you this, the Bible says the wise will prove to be fools. Those who think their so wise above all others will in the long run be revealed as fools by the very children of God who the wise called "fools”

Anonymous person. I am happy if you are a Christian. We will see each other then. Wisdom comes with knowledge. Knowledge is what I have. If you believe I was deceiving or lifted my opinion without proper fact then please - please I ask of you to take what I have taken from the word of God and prove me wrong. I do not take a verse and make a mountain of it. Go read and found that what I have given was precise and already a mountain. I do not want to read how you feel. I want to read what the Holy Spirit is telling you to write. Your word holds no ground; accept; making me see you as lukewarm. Christ already mentioned what he does when found lukewarm. (Rev 3:16)

If you are a Christian, like I say I am, why you have attacked me as an individual not explaining what I wrote is wrong. Have I added anything below that is false?

Pharisees: Who were they? Do you know? That was a time in History when they ruled politically with the word of God. Yet they were not true in God. They did not understand. Jesus told them they were of Satan himself. Jesus did not call them hypocrites. He told them they are from their father who is SATAN. Matt7:22…read this and see how wonders can be done in the name of God but that does not make you qualify to enter the kingdom of God. That is not faith… What is your faith built on?

As a Christian it is your duty to educate those who are in need. Take out of the bible and tell me what you believe are God’s words. Do you believe what you just did helps anyone on this website? What have you tried to achieve with this comment? Was it your last attempt to satisfy your own conscious “ I am a Christian…no matter what I said”.

What did I say that put you off? Being good, gentle, kind, humble to others and friendly does not make you a Christian. You might be bound by society to do good or corporate policy - it does not means you believe in God? To take the word of God with a pinch of salt does not give you flavor to knowledge. You need to eat it all and it will be bitter, but within your mouth it will be sweet as honey. (Rev 10:9)

Jun 14, 2013
I am a Christian
by: Anonymous

I cannot read no more from Gorden Styen who has ruined this site for me. And I will tell you this, the Bible says the wise will prove to be fools. Those who think their so wise above all others will in the long run be revealed as fools by the very children of God who the wise called fools.
We are to be as children. Children have clean slates ready to be filled and are eager to learn. And their hearts have not yet been hardened by the world and sin. And we are to be meek, and kind, and caring, and HUMBLE, and so on.
We should study the gospels and pay a lot of attention to Christ. For we as the body need to mimic the head and not do things he did not do.
The only people he dogged, per say, was the Pharisees who thought they were better than all others. Soooooooo religious. Even judged and mocked Christ. They sinned yet in public held their heads so high as God's chosen few without sin in them. He called them hypocrites.
I am a Christian. And that Bible tells me I'm saved and am of the body of Christ. No matter what you say.

Jun 14, 2013
by: Marsella Harrison

To Gorden Steyn
1Ti 6:4 is swollen with pride and knows nothing. He has an unhealthy desire to argue and quarrel about words, and this brings on jealousy, disputes, insults, evil suspicions,

You ought not be so cruel with your words. We are all one body in Christ. One might be foot compared to the hand. But without the foot the body could not stand.

We all have our own individual gifts and in what measure the Holy Spirit chooses to give them in.
And when people study the Bible sometimes they glean something a bit different than another from the same passage. Whose to say one is right and the other is wrong? For both are imperfect. And to call one names in such a case is not a godly thing to do.
We are suppose to be meek. And our our God and are Lord, neither, are of strife.
Unkind words can stay in a persons mind for the rest of their life. If those words break another persons spirit, causing death to it or hurt and harm to it, it is the same as murder or assault. Thou shalt not............
I thought this site was for friendly debate. Giving each others knowledge, opinions, views, etc. But when people hurt each other it becomes more like the chat rooms I will not enter again, etc.

Nov 20, 2012
No Middle East Relationship
by: Gordon Steyn

No there is none. The current Jerusalem and Israel promised lands were lost due to Israel defying God. Esau's (brother of Jacob) offspring, which came from the mountains of the East (Same stature as Israel), came into the lands of Israel and took the religion of the Israelites.

As much as they wanted to be believers, they could not listen to the Word of God. They were in mighty political positions during those days. They were the ones that crucified Jesus. God told them face to fact that they could listen to Him, for Satan was their father…(John8:44). Jesus did not lie or speculate. In fact, He was telling them the roots of their existence. Jerusalem was infested with non-Israelites.

There were true Israelites at the time, but Satan worked his bloodline into positions of authority in order to create confusion and disruption. Israel knew the truth of Jesus forthcoming but they were so blind at the time, they lost their heir to the Kingdom, which was given to their father Judah at the time blessings were handed out to the twelve sons of Jacob in Genesis 49. The first born right was given to Joseph, a double portion for his two sons Ephraim and Manasseh.

The majority of current people are not of Israel. They claim land which God gave them, but they are not the rightful heirs to this land. There will never be peace in Israel until the end of days. In the Middle East, war will never settle.

The kingdom was taken away and given to them who will do Gods work. Look at the world today. Since the beginning it is the European who went on conquests and found continents. Most importantly, they carried the word of God and still are doing so. Sadly they are preaching to those who are not meant to be. Man has twisted the word of God and cannot see their wrong doing.

Christians only want to preach that which smooths the heart but carries no foundation. They do not read the Bible properly, for Christians created a God that does not exist. Christian’s downfall is they ask too many “Why?” questions about God’s decisions.

Remember this. God told them that at the end He will bring Israel back. Not man. It does not help to try. The forces of Satan have a grip over the current economical, religious and political ways. The coming of Christ is the only time the Middle East will be under the kingdom of Israel again. That will also only take place when Judah goes to Israel; and both then together claim the given land as God promised Abraham.

Israel of today is not Israel of the Old Testament and covenant. The war of the Middle East is between Esau and Ishmael.

Nov 17, 2012
Israel & the Middle East Today
by: Anonymous

Is there any relationship between the 12 Tribes of Israel and the countries of the Middle East today?

Jun 25, 2012
Edomites = modern Jews - NOT ISRAEL !
by: Anonymous

I couldn't agree more! Finally someone with some sense on this website! People should also go and research the Edomites and how they were converted to Judaism.

Many websites preach that the Arabs are the Edomites trying to destroy the Jews today, and yet still want to say the Arabs are the Ishmaelites, but the modern Jews are the Edomites - historical, encyclopedic fact!

Yes Christ didn't choose all the mongralized world, he said "But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel." Matthew 15:24

Know the truth !

"A BASTARD ['mongrel' in Hebrew] shall not enter into the congregation of the LORD; even to his tenth generation shall he not enter into the congregation of the LORD." Deuteronomy 23:2

- see also:



Feb 07, 2012
Not All of Us Are Related
by: Anonymous

Not all of us are related. How can Black people and White people both descend from Noah ? It's impossible. The flood was of the "known civilised world" in those days and may have been referred to as "the world", but not the world we understand today with the advance in knowledge of the continents and with newer more advanced maps.

At the time of the Catholic Church, for example, the known world was only Europe and the Middle East. Before the days of Christopher Columbus, or possibly a while before him to be precise, nobody even knew that the North American continent even existed.

This does not however mean God instructed Noah to lie or that Noah was not well informed. He was telling the truth when writing that the world was flooded, because the entire (known) world was flooded.

Nov 30, 2011
The Exiles
by: Lawrence Hebb

You're right about the different times that the Nation of Israel went into captivity. Actually, if you look at the whole picture there were at least four times.

In 721BC the Northern ten tribes were taken into captivity by the Assyrian King Sennacharib. Many scholars have said that the 10 tribes disappeared from History then but the reality is they lived in the area they were settled in until 1950!!! They were mostly protected by the people they lived among (another persecuted group, the KURDS)

650 BC saw the Apostate King Manassah taken captive and taken to Babylon for a while (we're not told how long. But 2 Chronicles tells us that it was there he repented!

611 BC was when Babylon first took over Jerusalem and King Jehoiachin was taken into exile along with some of the nobles at court.

599BC was the final time when the city was raised almost to the ground, and the temple was destroyed. Daniel was probably taken in the exile of 611BC as that's when the nobles were taken but he never stopped praying for the restoration of the Nation.

Sorry I've gone on a bit but it's a subject I'm fascinated by.

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