Angels, Mt.Hermon, Bashan, Og, Zuzim, Rephaim, Nephilim, Anakim

by Melanie

Its believed a second group of watchers fell. And the reason they're not mentioned in the Bible more is because it didn't line up with the story line of the Bible (which is to tell the story of Christ's lineage, proving it pure).

And to all you people who believe the "sons of God" are from the line of Seth, you're deluding yourself. Its naive to give Seth that much credit. Also, the tribes of the giants, notice they all end in "-im". They're all giants, just different tribes. Read Jude, Genesis, Numbers, Joshua, 1 & 2 Samuel, 1 & 2 Peter.

Basically, the whole Bible, because they're mentioned every now and then. The whole point of Satan corrupting these angels, tempting them with women and the thought of offspring in their own image, was to cut off any chance of Christ coming to earth to save us.

Think about it. Noah was perfect in his generation. It doesn't mean goody-goody perfect Christian. It means his lineage wasn't deformed by angels' blood. That's why it profited Satan to have the Watchers fall to earth. They ravaged the earth and killed the innocent, until all that was left were the giants with their children, and the humans that killed with them.

Then Noah and his family were the last human family on earth that believed in God. Read The book of Enoch. And what about Arba, Anak (Arba's son), Goliath and his three brothers, Og. They were nine feet tall or more! Og, king of Bashan had an iron bed that was thirteen feet long! And that's mentioned in the Bible!

You simply cannot say that angels didn't fall to earth. There's too much evidence in the Bible.

Also, there are no female angels. God made angels, then he made the earth, then he made man. Woman came from man. So, all angels are male. Their kids, on the other hand, could've been either.

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Oct 05, 2021
angels NEW
by: skayn

The real God in the beginning spoke everything into creation, woman isn't from man. On the 6th day he created male and female and he created them both and said they were equal and he spoke them into creation. He doesn't need dirt nor a rib to do it. But someone playing god does, that's the 8th day creation. Haven't you noticed it's about one people? the Canaanites(Jews). Israel is Cain's land The only reason Christ went there was to call them out. so you would know who they were. He said, Abram's not your father and that the devil was and the works you do are from him, because he was a murderer and a liar from the beginning. He murdered one of our men and created Eve and he fathered Cain, that's in the bible. It was there offspring that were the giants. There Adam is Atum and Seth is Set, that's the murder between brothers story. When they ruled Egypt they created all kinds of abominations out of what the real God created, Centaurs, mermaids, anything that's a hybrid they created in Egypt, the pictures of them is proof, men with dog heads and bird heads, because Arch Angels look mostly like us, but the mid way ones called the watchers are hybrids and I don't believe there from God, because of Christ saying, the devil and his angels were cast down. we're not from monkeys but some people are and that's a hybrid. The Hyksos is from the Levant the Jews. They won't marry past 3rd cousin to keep that bloodline. They kill 1 million white children every year in America just like they did Christ and mix it with Mitzvah balls at passover. Christ wasn't a Jew, he was a Galatian which is a Kelt and they lived around the Sea of Galilee-gali=gaelic,lee=lake. Our fathers left clues in the things they named and our people named everything because it's ours. Moses was Dan, he led the people north of black sea, the Scythians are Isaacs children. Jordanian kingdoms was ours. Actually the whole earth is. Those angels are satans angels. Enoch was Cain's son. There god is yahweh which means yah= i am, and weh=chaos. I am chaos. Jesus said call ours Father, because yahweh is a Canaanite deity. Animal sacrifice is a pagan thing and our ancestors didn't do that and they can't prove it, only the Jews do that and still do to feed there deities which are the fallen, the priesthood is evil and not from God. There's two gods in the bible our god the Father of Truth and there's satan. Only follow Christ words and remember he said be careful of the evil scribe.

Feb 19, 2015
Angel Gender
by: hilly7

There is one instance where 2 Angels are female, but we are not told much else other than they were in flight with a scroll. Other than that all Angels are male.

Angels were not finite but rather infinite beings, just as Adam and Eve were created to be. Being they did not die they were not allowed the act of procreation, and neither were Adam & Eve until they sinned and God placed a limit on their lifespan.

The Watchers could not have sex as long as they were angelic beings, able to switch from angelic bodies to human bodies, and so they make a pact to leave their angelic bodies and take on human bodies in the act of sex. Once they done this it done away with their returning to the spiritual realm. I suspect they thought of procreation was probably the least thing on their minds.

IMHO, this site is a good site, so expect to draw many arrows. The truth often does that sort of thing.

Jul 04, 2013
Mt. Hermon, Paris, 33, U.S. dollar
by: Pat B

I'm glad I found this site since I only recently took on interest in this subject. I recently saw an excellent presentation by Scott Onstott re Mt. Harmon. This location is home to the highest elevated permanently staffed facility run by the United Nations.

It is 33 degrees north of the equator and 33 degrees east of a temple located in Pharia Isis (Paris). It is also known as Mt. Zion and is home to the Children of Dan.

Apr 29, 2013
Nature of Angels
by: Jon H Benson

For the record, the "im (ym)" ending does not indicate "giant", but rather it is the plural ending in Hebrew, see below.

English Plural Hebrew Plural
alligator teneyn - תנין
alligators teneyneym - תנינים
bear ḏov - דוב
bears ḏoveym - דובים
bird tseyfor - ציפור
birds tseyforeym - ציפורים
bull shor - שור
bulls shooreym -

Also, as to the angels, though they may be referred to as male, they are in fact gender neutral, as far as their physical attributes. See Mt 22:29-30. Angels neither marry, nor give in marriage. Why would God create in them the ability to sire offspring, as they were never intended to do so?

Adam and Eve, on the other hand, were created "in God's image" which covers many aspects of their characters, but at least for this discussion, refers to their ability to "create" new life from their own bodies.

Had sin not entered the world, they would have had the God-given opportunity to create young lives and experience the same joy that God Himself experiences when He watches His creation grow and mature into close relationship with Him.

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