by David

Didn't the Bible (Psalm68) say Cush will soon stretch her hands to God? This prophecy came true when king Solomon mated with the queen of Sheba and brought Judaism to Ethiopa.

Remember the Ethiopian eunuch? He had just come from the synagogue in Israel serving God. In the New Testament, after his encounter with one of the disciples, he went to Ethiopa(Cush) saying the Messiah had come.

Two or three hundred years later, Cush became the first christian nation in the world. You speak
like Cush is evil, but they are blessed by God.

Even Moses married a Cush. The true evil empire is Gog and Magog, for their giant kings offspring of the fallen angels; and their empires still rules the world today.

Catholics hid the truth. Even the oldest church in the world is in Ethiopian .Read the books of Kings.

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Jul 19, 2018
Facts NEW
by: Lion

David is right
The Ethopia was originally called Cush and those that he ruled over in that land Cushites.
And it did have the meaning of Burnt faces.

These things are documented in Ancient Biblical history and ancient historians that lived at that time.

As for this other guy that is trying to discredit David is in the wrong and does not know what he is talking about as pertaining to the Ethiopian and who they were

Jan 19, 2011
by: David (toronto?ontario)

Cush was the original name of Ethiopia. Alexandra the Great occupied the land, then he changed the name Cush to Ethiopia, meaning "people with sun burnt faces", or similar to that meaning.

Dec 20, 2010
by: Stanley7

Attention to David (Toronto, Ontario),

Please be adviced so firmly that you, David have made your all fully misunderstandings and mistakes on your comment about Cush. Too bad!

I, Stanley7 thanked Lord Jesus Christ very much for informing me, Stanley7 only one left on Earth, before you, David and all peoples. Always yes and true!

Right now Lord Jesus Christ, Himself allows me, Stanley7 to correct your wrong comment about Cush. Verily, verily I, Stanley7 say to you, David that you, David are very, very deadly wrong with your fully misunderstandings and mistakes to write about Cush. Have you not read yet? Too bad, because of your and all peoples' all fully misunderstandings and mistakes, but we forgive you, David and all peoples, as for you, David and all peoples still do not know what to do and forget your wrong comment about Cush. Okay.

Let me, Stanley7 say to you, David clearly that the name of the second river is the Gihon towards the East of ancient Elam/ ancient Persia/ currently Iran, NOT West to Ethiopia. It is the one that flowed around the whole Land of Cush towards the East of truly ancient city of Susa, known as truly in the Land of ancient Elam/ ancient Persia/ currently Iran, NOT WEST TOWARDS ETHIOPIA. Please be careful yourself to follow what Lord Jesus Christ said to me, Stanley7 only one left on Earth for you, David and all peoples. Always yes and true! Go learn from me, Stanley7 firstly only one left on Earth! Okay. Thank you.


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