Sons of God

by Judith VanZevern

Seems to me that it is a class of priests of sorts and may not have been called priests at that time, the intermingling of offspring has been known to produce a much taller people, and if your in a priesthood, shamanic or otherwise there are separate orders or classifications for those more advanced.

Those who have seen what they refer to as Angels is not new and called by different titles in other locations of the world, the other worldly has been around a long time and has even caused wars. The truth is your visions are your own, and, so to speak meeting with others has been reported and they do recognize each other. That exit or division of body and spirit can't last too long for you would die if it did.

Much like what is referred to as OBE when a persons heart stops. More often it is mental and the spirit needs not leave the body, this is more so in dreams. If people focused and wrote down those dreams they might be surprised how many have come true. You may even equate it to some of the ancient books like the Book of the Dead in Egypt, Book of Living and Dying Tibet, Book of Revelations and Akashic Records all have past / present / and future events.

I think more should read the Book of Jashar and they will see that Abraham and Jesus' birth and the hiding of an infant is much the same, and that foreknowledge was given to Terah about higher "seers" looking for Abraham to kill him as an infant.

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