The Order of Melchizedek

The power of king/high priest was given to David, and remains with the first son of the first son. It is not about what he was; it is about what he will be. It is all written.

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Oct 14, 2011
by: Robert Marshall

When we read the Bible we must remember that God had seen the Bible before He wrote it. Before God wrote the Bible He saw the beginning from the end. He already chose who and what would fit into His plan. You could ask yourself, Why didn't God make me David?

Every person God made from the dust of the earth He made for His purpose. Every human being is in the image of Adam. The Lambs book of life determines who God will save. Rev. 13-8 rev. 17-8 In eternity, there will be an order of Melchezidek, with Jesus being our high Priest.

The Levitical priesthood was a picture of that priesthood. God was showing man that he was not capable of a perfect priesthood. Everything God did for man was to show man he was not of perfection. God showed us through Melchezidek a perfect priesthood that would last forever in a perfect eternity.

The principle lesson of Melchezidek was to show man that He was born without mother and father. God is showing man that in the flesh God let man procreate man through parents. That is how God made people in this world because God being perfect could not create people that were not perfect because of sin.

God is showing man His plan to make man perfect without mother and father. It is called being born again. We are born again without mother and father, but by God. That is why we are adopted into the family of God to eternal life. Melchezidek was that example. Jesus never sinned, so He was the first example of man living a perfect life.

His death was passed on to as many as God would save. Man inherited the faith and rightousness of Jesus. That is what the Lambs book of life was. A last will and testament.

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