Why Humans Ruminate on the Location of Eden

by Dr. Gail

From the psychological standpoint, humans have, through the ages, sought what they imagined the Garden of Eden to have been: a place of euphoria where all needs are met. Humans have tried to re-enter the Garden by many means including drug intoxication, domination of other humans (e.g., slavery, domination of women, racism), domination of animals and nature in general.

These actions always fail to produce the euphoria longed for. That is because WE CANNOT GO BACK into our simple state (now only experienced by animals) in which we did not know about the emotion of shame. We have developed that emotion into religious beliefs and rituals in an attempt to deal with our imperfect selves.
We should stop trying to locate the Garden of Eden in order to experience it, because it is impossible to do so. Instead, we should use the image of peace that the Garden suggests and try to create as much of that on earth as possible.

A Clinical Psychologist

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Jun 02, 2011
Nothing perfect in this world
by: Robert Marshall;

God subjected His creation to futility. When Adam and Eve sinned against God, He said to Jesus; "Now they are like Us, Knowing good and evil."

When they were thrown out of the Garden they had two children, Cain and Abel, both born with a sin nature. Man has taken all that is good and turned it into sin.

All the attributes of God changed in man. All man's emotions became the opposite of what Adam and Eve had in the Garden. Good became hate, Love became lust and so on.

God did this because if man were still perfect today then man would not think for himself. Everything would be perfect, because man would not know what love was without hate. God did not want to think for us, He wanted us to think for ourselves. You can't know what love is if you don't know what hate is

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