Repeating Our History

by Calvin
(Lexington, KY)

If man is truly made in the image of God, then like God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, we were made to be the same. We are man, spirit, and in a much smaller proportion, we are God.

If it is also true that man can only access 10% of his brain resources, then imagine man's God driven powers when we learn to achieve our total potential. When man attempted to build the Tower of Babel with the intent of extending it unto heaven,  God stopped them and confounded their  ability to communicate, all because of sins.

Even to this day, and even though here in the United States where perhaps 95% of us speak English, man's number one problem is still our inability to communicate! When man is prepared to fully honor God and give Him His due glory, only then will He allow mankind to prosper and again become one people. 

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