Watchers, Nephilim, ET's, UFO's, Giants, etc., in the Bible

by Karen

I have been studying this subject with great interest for many years. I believe, from the truth supplied in God's inerrant Bible, and the helpful assistance of the extra-Biblical texts such as the apocrypha, etc., I can conclude with certainty that these "Watchers, Nephilim, ET's, UFO's, Giants", etc., all spring from the same source. They are ALL diabolical and evil. They are ALL from Satan and his fallen, evil counter-kingdom. Their desires can be summarized simply in John 10:10 and John 8:44.

They have posed as "gods" in the past, and have accepted the worship of the peoples of the past, just as they do in the present. They seek embodiment in a human host for the purpose of carrying out their lustful passions, which they cannot otherwise enjoy. They are bitterly resentful of man.

They hate man to the core and are envious of him and his status before God because God replaced them with man. Plus, Jesus Christ suffered and died for man to redeem man, NOT angels or hy-brid angels/animals/humans.

Here again, the trans-genetics program of the ET's and UFO's is to contaminate and condemn man with the DNA of fallen angels, hence FORCING God to condemn His creations (humans) because of Hebrews 2:16. They are shaking their fists in defiance at God yet again!

I subscribe to the "Gap Theory", which suggests that God allowed the holy angels to build cities and habitations on earth, and perhaps on other planets, in our solar system in the distant past. Hence, we have the colossal megalithic structures world-wide on the planet, which man and his 21st century knowledge and technology STILL can't duplicate.

Then Satan rebelled, fell and took 1/3 of the angelic company with him. In this war, God destroyed all the habitations these angels had built. God also destroyed everywhere they had previously lived. Hence, we see signs of previous life on other plants. (Dry river/ lake beds, etc.)

Genesis 1:2, 1:28 and Psalm 104:30 state things were in complete destruction and had to be REPLENISHED; (to restore, to renew) what was previously there. God had to re-create the Earth to make it habitable again for Adam and Eve. The other possibility is that Satan, and his army of fallen angels, went on a rampage of rage through the universe (including earth) and destroyed everything when he was cast out of Heaven at his fall.

With DNA splicing and trans-genics corruption we are doing in the labs, plus the pursuits of star gates and portals to contact or to make a "passage" for these fallen beings to enter (under the guise of being ET's, ascended masters, etc.) we are on the verge of something hideous beyond our wildest imagination.

Is Satan trying to create an extended army of trans-humans to do his bidding in the future? Only 1/3 of the angels sided with him. He is outnumbered by 2/3rds. Will they be at the mercy of the (so-called) "guy at the controls"?

Meantime, we have been slowly and purposely conditioned via thought reform and mind control in the movies, TV shows, books and talk shows, to think of contact and co-habiting with "angels", ET's, etc., as something great and wonderful. In reality, these are fallen angels, demons and other creatures from the pit of Hell!! They have strengths, knowledge, powers and abilities that are beyond our comprehension. Unsaved mankind is TOTALLY unprepared!!

We are truly at the last moments of these Last Days. Jesus is "at the door". We should be living as the church of Philadelphia, in Revelation 3:7-13, because "our redemption draws near", in Luke 21:28.

What is your opinion of the world-wide apparitions of the so-called "Virgin Mary" over the centuries? I have my opinion, based on Scripture, which does not look good for this "Mary"-spirit.

Her messages and instructions to her faithful are TOTALLY anti-Biblical. Among other things, she instructs people to pray to HER, call her a mediatrix, savior and advocate INSTEAD of Jesus Christ. She asks for statues and shrines to be made to honor HER. She is always trying to usurp Jesus and steal another one of His unique titles and attributes of His, for herself.

All of this is condemned in Scripture. She is also calling for all people and religions to "come together as one". This is New Age globalism, to be headed by the Antichrist. What's your thought?

Thank you for listening.

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Aug 19, 2021
Mary - goddess of fertility- Roman Catholic
by: Anonymous

Ashtoreth the goddess of fertility, sexuality and war; was known as Cybele in Rome. The Bible warns against worshiping her, "Then the children of Israel again did evil in the sight of the LORD, and served the Baals and the Ashtoreths." Judges 10:6

Nov 14, 2019
I’m awakened and receiving the upgrade.
by: Anonymous

Not all ET’s are bad. If one has never been born of this Earth then that qualifies as ET. Jesus on the Cross. God himself had to die for the sins of his Sons. Why.? Because they changed our DNA and thus we became a "Sentient Being". Not allowed
All life creation has to be approved by the Counsel.
12 God Like beings that control this Multi Dimensional Universe. And hence why one must choose to follow God or Satin.

Satin was commanded by God to "Temp my creation". In the end this is Satins redemption and a way to weed out the Humans who can’t upgrade. The way out is in.. You have 10 very simple commandments. That’s all.! Religion is a creation of Satin keep the masses in conflict and confused.

Wake up.!

Jul 27, 2011
by: Anonymous

I totally agree that satan and his army of demons are possessing humans in order to destroy the chances for them and other humans to get to heaven, as well as destroying their bodies and minds. I think that some of the evil people in the Bible were also possessed by demons (besides Saul), and those spirits continue on the earth to this day. Spirit does not die and cannot be killed, other than by God.

People need to turn to Christ. Evil is all around us, and yet we do not notice it because we are so conditioned to it. WAKE ANYONE YOU KNOW UP TO THIS FACT!!!!! No horror movies, skull T-shirts, etc., rock and roll music (that and the movies are the worst influences), horror games, Harry Potter, Indian anything, other religions, T.V., yoga (do not empty your mind), crystals, no metaphysics, channeled books, New Age philosophy--NO BS!

And no Christmas or Easter (totally pagan--demon worship). If you know anyone like this PLEASE WAKE THEM UP, PRAY WITH THEM TO REPENT AND ACCEPT JESUS! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jun 18, 2011
UFO's in the Bible
by: Lujack Skylark

Ezekiel 1:3-26 seems to describe a UFO. Ezekiel was the prophet who gave us much insight in what will happen in the last days.

During the Egyptian king Thutmose III reign UFO's appeared. I believe Thutmose III was the Exodus pharaoh. In Moses' lifetime there were UFOs.

Moses gave us the first five books of our Bible showing us Israel's purpose in our world as God's chosen nation. Those who bless Israel, God will bless; those who curse Israel, God will curse. (Genesis 12:3)

Thutmose III required all captured lands to worship Egyptian gods; Thutmose III tried cursing Israel's God and Thutmose III lost his army in the Red Sea.

Some say the three wisemen followed a UFO to find Jesus, our savior. Others claim a UFO appeared in Egypt when queen Hatshepsut died. She was the princess who saved infant Moses; and Moses was the most important person in Hebrew history until Jesus came along.

It seems strange why UFOs would appear in those two times in ancient history.

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