Mysteries Like the Nephilim

by Theresa

The basis of any belief is faith. Now the question is; On what is your faith based on or in?

What do you believe, the Biblical account or world knowledge? How do we marry this together?

There will always be mysteries. The Nephilim is just but one of many. I would like to know more.

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Dec 12, 2011
by: Robert marshall

Gods word says[Faith comes from hearing, and hearing from the word of God]. Jesus said[ You have ears to hear and eyes to see, but you can't hear and you can't see]. Gods word is a book for the carnal mind, and the spiritual mind. It is like the seven wonders of the world. We heard of them, and we know they exist, but we will never get the true feeling of them, unless we go to see them. We get a carnal sense of the bible just by reading it. We will never get the spiritual side of the bible, unless the Holy Spirit open up our spiritual eyes and ears. That only happens when God draws our spirit and gives our spirit eternal life. John 6-44. Nobody can learn if they are dead. Go to any cemetary and try teaching. You will not see any hands go up. Jesus went to a cemetary and taught, and one person came out, Lazarus. Nobody can learn the bible by themselves. It is Gods book and He teaches it. We read it and share it. The bible says God created everything out of nothing. What part of anything do we not understand. Everything was created for Gods purpose, not mans. A tree gives life to a tree. Angels cannot procreate. The only reason man procreates is , because God said multiply and fill the earth. He never said that to angels. God gave the ability for trees to seed other trees. God gave the ability for man to bring forth life through woman. If God could create all men why would He need man to procreate. Because of sin. The nephilim like any other peoples on the earth were procreated by man and woman. When you look at the creation, you can see where all things have their place. All things bring forth things of their own seed. Man is a work in progress. Man will not be in the Image of God, until God prepares them for eternal life. If man is in the Image of God, why would God have to change them at all.

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