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OLD TESTAMENT HISTORY The map above depicts the events and locations of King David. Click to view a wide variety of Old Testament maps depicting various events, peoples and locations of the Old Testament.

Ancient Mesopotamia was shaped by many empires, nations, cities and peoples. These maps depict the various empires and kingdoms throughout Mesoptoamia.

Noah boarded the ark with his family, two of a every kind of animals and no idea when he would step off the boat, or what the world would be like. These biblical maps show where his sons migrated and settled.

Biblical Maps

Bible maps help illuminate one's knowledge and understanding of the biblical world and the old testament. Many of these maps include Jerusalem maps, Old Testament maps of various topics and country maps to help in study. These maps can be used as Bible study maps for small groups, churches and youth groups.

Bible maps help bring to life the people, places & events of the Old Testament. Understanding the geography of the Bible can provide insight into certain stories and events. For example, in the Abraham narrative we are told Abraham traveled to Bethel and encamped on a mountain "to the east of Bethel". This seems like a rather mundane & innocuous detail. When one views this area on a simple Google Earth map there is a mountain precisely there by ancient Bethel just as the Bible describes. This level of detail lends credibility to the Scriptures as being eye witness events. If the writer gives that much detail to the geography and land, and the places and people mentioned are indeed historical, then why would not the characters and events of the Bible in fact be true accounts.

To the Faithful, the Bible is the accurate Word of God depicting real people and real events. Bible maps help add context and understanding to many of the stories. 

They are helpful and very useful for students of world history and ancient history. These maps depict the modern countries of thle Middle East as they were from ca. 2000 BC, to roughly 400 BC, covering the Bronze and Iron Ages. This is the general time period of the Old Testament.

The time of Jesus' public ministry, the focus of the New Testament, is generally agreed to have occurred ca. 25-32 AD.  The year of His birth remains a debated topic, ranging generally between 6  - 2 BC. It should be noted the books of the New Testament have proven to accurately portray the various political parties and allies at work in first century Jerusalem.

These maps portray the land of Galilee and the various spots Jesus is said to have traveled, preached and resided. They also contain maps depicting the routes He traveled to Jerusalem for the great festivals. Though much of Jesus' life remains unknown, His ministry was preserved in the Gospels, as well as His movements, friends, relatives and daily life.

It was in Jerusalem Jesus was crucified, during the great Passover Festival. From there His message spread through the Roman world.

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