The Modern Jews

The modern Jews are not the descendands of the ancient Israelites and here's the proof. For a start the ancient Jews were only 1 tribe of the 12 Tribes of Israel and the modern Jews like to pretend the other tribes eventually just became extinct and they are the only ancestors left of the 12 Tribes of Israel.

This did not happen, after being captured by the Assyrians, the Lost 10 Tribes eventually escaped captivity and branched out, wave by wave, over hundreds of years, into Northern Europe and away from the enemy. Many people dont realize that before this point most of Northern Europe was very sparsely populated unlike the South which was occupied by the Romans and Greeks.

Here is a link thoroughly proving all of this with linguistics and ancient artifacts -

Secondly, the modern "Jews" are not even Jews to begin with. They originate from Turkish/Mongolian coverts in about the 10th century who converted to Judaism en mass and were known as the Khazars. These people were the offspring of invading Mongolian hordes who ruled large parts of Southern Russia. A Jew by the name of Arthur Koestler wrote a book called "The Thirteenth Tribe" and exposed them. "Mr. Koestler's excellent book...Is as readable as it is thought-provoking. Nothing could be more stimulating than the skill, elegance and erudition with which he marshals his facts and develops his theories..." Fitzroy Maclean, New York Times Book Review. - See

Thirdly the Europeans and their ancestors today are the only pure descendents of the ancient Israelites, although traces of Israelite genetics can probably be found very sparcely in other mixed population groups of today - even in the Ethiopians many of whom are very dark skinned, however have unusually straightish hair. King David in the the Bible was described as ruddy (rosy faced) and the word Adam in Hebrew means "to be ruddy or show blood in the face" - the ancient Israelites were white. This is why many Palestinians and Syrians are very light skinned today - they are the mixed descendants of the ancient Israelites. The futher you go back in history, the lighter these people become ! Some modern Afro-centrists in trying to create a history for Africa that can be seen to have competed at the same level as Europe have quoted a few very weak quotes from the Bible to try claim the Israelites were black, of someone having "hair like wool", but there is not nearly enough evidence to support this theory and black culture could not be more different to the Middle East - hair included !

The prophesies of the Jews returning to the promised land has not yet been forfilled because the Bible says this will only happen after the Second Coming of Christ. Even more reason proving that modern "Jews" are imposters ! Britain and Europe have inherrited all the promised blessings to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob ! The state of Israel is in constant war and would be nothing without the continued, misconstrued assistance of Britain and America ! America donates more "AID" to the state of Israel in one year, than to the whole of the African continent !

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Apr 19, 2022
This Is Nonsense NEW
by: Anonymous

Genetics proves that modern Jews, whether from the Middle East, North Africa, or Europe, stem from a common Levantine background. The "Turkic" (Khazar) theory of modern Jewish origins has been thoroughly refuted with genetic testing. Has there been admixture with other populations? Of course. There was admixture even in the days of the Bible, with intermarriage with Hittites (look at the story of Jacob), Egyptians (the "mixed multitude" that came out of Egypt), and later with Europeans (predominantly with Italians). Judaism was an attractive religion to many people in Antiquity because the gods of paganism provided no moral model and were vested in mythology that people could dismiss. Conversion to Judaism was not uncommon in the Roman Empire, and it was most likely for this reason that a hybrid religion like Christianity was able to arise: because non-Jewish populations in the Roman Empire were already attracted to Judaism, and Christianity served as a halfway house between the rigorous legal precepts of Judaism and the paganism that they were familiar with. Nor is the "European" appearance of European Jews surprising: Not all Middle Easterners are swarthy, brown-eyed, and black-haired. There are blue-eyed, fair-haired Arabs (Gigi Hadid), Syrians (Assad, the Syrian President), Turks, Kurds, and--yes--blue-eyed Middle Eastern Jews. A population of blue-eyed Iranians inhabited what is now Israel in 6,000 B.C. So the racial and racist cant you spatter is based on your ignorance.

Nov 28, 2020
Real Truth!
by: Anonymous

Judah and Israel will be restored by the hand of Yahweh! The children of Judah are black DNA evidence proves it! Also just look at Judah Africa and you will see that the Muslims sold the tribe of Judah into the slave commerce of the world in the sixteenth century! Read Deuteronomy ch. 28 and you will see the 400 years of judgement that Yahweh told the children of Israel!

The children of Esau and Edom are the Europeans mass population! Judah adopted the witchcraft paganism in the land which we now call Africa and that is when the 400 years began! Look it all up and study the word of God so that you can understand who is who! The ones in Israel now are not doing will of Yahweh it is the will of satan! Would the living God accept Islam? Would He accept anything that is not of Him or His Son Jesus? Soon the world will see when America is taken out! We are the Harlot in Revelation chapters 17 & 18! Repent (change your mind) about the evil!

Oct 12, 2020
western Europeans are not Israelites. NEW
by: Tiglath Pileser

The countries of North Western Europe are not descended from the ancient Israelites, DNA proves that. Most so called Israelites mixed in with other middle eastern peoples after the conquest of Israel by Assyria. Modern Jews from Europe and modern Israel are supposedly descended from the tribe of Judah. They are actually a mixed race with much eastern European and Turkic bloodlines. Real Jews should look like modern Lebanese and Syrians but these modern Jews more resemble Europeans. Some Jews who had always remained in the middle east are darker skinned and more resemble other Semites. The Jews who immigrated from Russia and Eastern Europe are phonies.

Dec 31, 2019
by: MICK

Rev:1-13-14-15 (This scripture talks about an image like the son of man ) Skin like brass that's been burnt . any time you burn brass it becomes BLACK. HAIR like pure WOOL, Nappy hair.
JOB:30:30- Job had Black Skin
LAM: 4-8- THE Israelites had jet black skin'according to Jeremiah
Jeremiah 8:21 Jeremiah was also BLACK
KING Solomon and his offsprings were BLACK, also his father David was Black.
ALL of the 12 tribes comes from a Black CONTINENT
CALLED AFRICA. The birth of humanity.

Aug 05, 2015
Modern Jews and Samaritans are Israelites only
by: Adam

Modern Jews and Samaritans are Israelites only. This article is ignorant and prejudiced.

Feb 08, 2012
The Modern Jews
by: Rex

Adolf Hitler tried wiping out the Jewish people. Now different groups of people are claiming to be Jews, trying to proclaim the words of the prophets are not true.

Atheist, Jehovah Witnesses, Roman Catholics, Black liberation theologists, liberal Christians, Palestinian terrorists and anti-Semites all claim Israel does not belong to the Jewish people.

For their hatred God will send them a strong delusion (2 Thessalonians 2:9-11). These people are cursing Israel (Genesis 12:3). God has not cancelled His promise.

Why do you see all the floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, animal decimation, social unrest, pestilence and tornadoes striking the earth in more frequency these days?

It's because most nations in our world (United Nations) hate Israel. The plagues in the book of Revelation is God's curse against those nations.

The USA had hurricane Katrinia shortly after the USA got Israel to withdraw from Gaza. Condoleeza Rice restarted the phony peace talks, and there were major brush fires in California. God told us not to divide Israel's land.

I guess people will have to witness the coming tribulation to believe in the words of God.

Feb 08, 2012
The Modern Jews
by: Anonymous

The modern Jews have their own nation. (Ezekiel 36:24)Where might that be?

The Jews will build their temple in Israel during the great tribulation BEFORE Christ returns.

In the holy place shall stand the Abomination Of Desolation. (Matthew 24:15)The anti-Christ will appear before Jesus Christ appears.

The holy place is in Jerusalem. The modern Jews live in Israel. Jews are preparing to build their temple soon after Persia/Iran and Iran's allies are defeated. Then there is the false peace.

By peace (Daniel 8:25)he the (anti-Christ) shall destroy many.

Feb 08, 2012
by: Anonymous

Robert, from the way you write it is hard decide whether you are even a Christian or not! You keep on going off at a tangent without really commenting on anything specifically; and your comments don't have anything to do with my article either.

Feb 08, 2012
by: Robert Marshall

The old testament is a system that God set up to show man how unimportant he is. man cannot overcome sin. It is an inherited nature. This creation is Gods plan, not mans. You can't see the forest because of the trees syndrome. All down through the ages,men have lived and died. No one knows where they go after that. Either they cease to exist, or they go to heaven. Everybody has their own idea of life. One thing for sure, we all die. If God saves people or if He doesn't save people, what difference does it make. This world revolves around fear. The rich fear they will lose their wealth, the poor fear they will die poor.

The whole world is led by dictators of one sort or another. What difference does it make if people are oppressed by force or money? The results are the same, fear. God put us here to understand good and evil. It looks like evil wins out. History is dead and the future is not here yet. We live in limbo.It would be nice if all men could remember the past with fond memories, and look forward to the future with high hopes. In this world we live in, that will not happen because of sin.

I pray God will come today and put an end to this madness. Eternal life has to be better than this.

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