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    Dec 25, 23 02:16 PM

    The Ancient Near East as it stands today.
    An easy to read history of ancient Israel from Old Testament times to today.

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  2. The Ancient City of Jericho

    Dec 18, 23 11:21 PM

    The Battle of Jericho and the Southern Campaign
    The city of Jericho is one of the most ancient cities on earth. The city played a crucial role in a number of Bible stories.

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  3. Story of Cain and Abel

    Dec 17, 23 01:20 PM

    The story of Cain and Abel is a tragic story of jealousy, rage and fratricide. It is the first murder in recorded history.

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The Book of Enoch

The Book of Enoch was written by the prophet Enoch, found in Genesis 5. Enoch was one of only two people in the Bible to not experience death. God took him when he was 365 years old. The Book of Enoch is full of mystery and intrigue, and played a significant role in the writing of the New Testament. The Book of Enoch covers in detail the mysterious Nephilim of Genesis 6. Any library of Bible Study resources must contain the Book of Enoch. 

Who Was Melchizedek?

Genesis 14:18 depicts Abraham paying respects and tithing to a mysterious "Priest of the Most High God". This figure was known as Melchizedek. His identity is shrouded in mystery. Some claim he is Shem. Some claim he is a pre-incarnate appearance of Jesus. Some claim he is an unnamed priest of Yahweh who was also King of Salem prior to the Jebusites. But nobody knows for sure who this mysterious figure is.

Open Discussion Forum

Do you live in Israel or Palestine? Do you have questions about God, religion, Israel, Palestine, or any other topic? Whether you're an Atheist, Muslim, Christian, Jew, Hindu, Taoist, non-religious, or just curious, we want to create an interactive community of individuals freely and openly sharing their insights, comments, opinions, and questions. Join in on the discussion now!

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Why Ignore The Prophet Ezekiel Any Longer? 
Some 2600 years ago the Jewish prophet Ezekiel stated his people would be scattered across our world and return home in the Last Days. (Ezekiel 36:24 & …

Oxford History of Ancient Egypt by Ian Shaw 2000 A.D. pages 165 and 480 reveal Senusret III had a 39 year reign, Amenemhet III 45 year reign and Amenemhet …

Djoser built the first Egyptian pyramid (The Step Pyramid) after Egyptians left Sumer/Shinar's Tower of Babel and arrived on the African continent.( Genesis …

Assyrian History vs. Immanuel Velikovsky 
(1)1413-1376 B.C. Ashur-Uballit reigns over Assyria during the time Hittite king Suppiluliumas I 1428-1392 B.C. had stirred up the Mitanni vassal states …

Ancient Hittites 1625-1237 B.C. (Part II) 
Hittite king Suppiluliumas 1428-1392 B.C. now has the Mitanni king Artatama II 1406-1396 B.C. on his side. Egyptian king Tutankhamen 1406-1396 B.C. …

Ancient Hittite History 1625-1237 B.C. (Part I) 
Hittite king Mursilas 1625-1595 B.C. Hittites sack Babylon bringing down Amorite king Samsu-ditana's government. Hittite king Hantilas 1595-1564 B.C. …

(11)Egyptian king Amenemhet III's 19th year he puts down a Nubian rebellion. Hyksos Canaanite chieftain Apepi I must have really liked Amenemhet III. Its …

(1)Egyptian king Pepi I was the first Egyptian king to use Nubian mercenaries in war against the Amorites, when Egyptian historians state Menes formulated …

The World Famine Verified (Genesis 41:57) Updated 
Joseph's global famine ( Genesis 41:57 ) now has been verified! Spread the news! Educate the world to ancient world history. Shang Dynasty emperor …

Four Red Moons Reveal Major Middle-East Wars 
Modern Israel was reborn on May 14, 1948. (Major War) (1)April 13, 1949 Passover blood red moon (2)October 7, 1949 Sukkot blood red moon (3)April …

The World Famine Verified (Genesis 41:57)  
How the seven year global famine ( Genesis 41:57 ) effected mankind. The famine existed 1704-1697 B.C. causing massive migrations of people's in the ancient …

Anti-Christ arise to Power 
When will this anti-Christ arise to power? (1) There will be no middle-class in the USA or other western nations when the anti-Christ arises. Revelation …

Death and Universal Consciousness 
I am leaning toward the belief that Enoch became enlightened to the same universal truth that the Buddha had: Death is only a mind construct of the unenlightened. …

Moslem Violence & the Lack of Cleric Outcry 
Why aren't Moslem clerics condemning the Moselm beheadings of children in Thailand and soldiers in the Philippines? Are the clerics for or against these …

How to Find the True Chruch of God 
HOW TO FIND THE TRUE CHURCH OF GOD It is very easy to find the true church of God. If you have a bible, or if you can borrow a bible, or if you …

Palestinians Claim Moses Was a Palestinian 
Palestinians are teaching their children that Moses was a Palestinian. ( Israel section p.2) Lets review Israel's history. From 1517-1917 …

Strange Events In the Sky 
People in New Zealand state there was a glowing ball appearing over their skies, in which some believe was a meteor and other's a satellite. Do strange …

Biblical Reality and Pagan Worship 
How pagans worship are connected in Biblical history: (1) Princess Sit-Hathor-Yunet,Senusret III's sister, worshiped the vulture goddess Nekhbet as …

How Race in the Bible is Misunderstood 
The topic of race in the Bible always seems to be down-played and trivialized by most Christians nowadays, who seem to do so upon the inspiration of their …

Tragedies Surround the Lives of Egyptian Queens 
Queen Nitocris, sister of Merenre II, sought revenge against high Egyptian officials who murdered her brother. She had built a large underground hall connected …

Minoans in Crete, Egypt and Tel Kabri, Canaan part II 
Archaelogist Manfred Bietak discovered pumice (volcanic material)and Thutmose III artifacts in the same strata. Pumice from the island of Thera explosion, …

Minoans in Crete, Egypt and Tel Kabri, Canaan part I 
Minoans deliver Egyptian king Amenemhet II 1777-1743 B.C.tribute in his 28th year 1749 B.C. when Babylon's king Samsui-luna begins reign in 1749 B.C. The …

The Lost 10 Tribes of Israel 
There are genetic traces of the Israelites in many nations - for example in the Ethiopians - many of whom have naturaly straight hair - like the Somali's …

Wrong Names & Pagan Terms 
God is not his name (breaking command), and Christ is a pagan term, and there has never been a letter "J" in Hebrew, Latin, or Greek. Jesus.

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The Real Hebrews  
Scriptures that Reference the American Negro as the Hebrew Israelites of the Old Testament by BIBLICAL PROOF. You are probably asking yourself who is …

False Christianity 
False Christianity arises when Christians don't read their bibles and follow false teachers. How do we find the false Christians? God said, "I will …

The Number 56 
(1)Sargon/Nimrod reigned over Accad/Akkad/Agade for 56 years. (2)There are 56 stones in Stonehenge's circle. (3)Joseph was 56 years old when Jacob …

The Rings of Life 
Joseph was given the pharaoh ring representing new life, since Joseph a prisoner was given the second most powerful position in all Egypt. (Genesr9is 41:10 …

Obama folllows Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals 
Obama's administration is meeting with the Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt. The Moslem Brotherhood is connected to Hamas Israel's enemy. Obama's administration …

Lessons From Nehemiah 
Greeting in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I liked the information provided by your site. I have a Bachelor of Science in Psychology; Organizational …

Online Training 
We can build online training institutes for those people who cannot attend the institutes.

And the islands shall be moved from their places. (Revelation 6:14) Japan's powerful earthquake moved the island 8 feet; and New Zealand's earthquake …

Recent Visitor to Israel 
I live in the United States and recently visited Israel. We saw so much ~ so fast. Two months later I am trying to remember where I was and what happened …

Was Ruth a Moabitess 
Does the Book of Ruth really call Ruth a Moabitess, or as I've recently read, that she was an Israelite from Moab? If the land north of the Arnon River …

The 'Apostle' Paul was an imposter and an anti-Christ and part of the 'leaven of the Pharisees' that still rule us today. He was not one of the twelve …

Mayan Calander - End of a Cycle 
I believe it is very possible to see a worldwide flood. If you read the scriptures it is plain as day. They say "seeing is believing", when really …

The ancient Egyptians, like all other great Middle Eastern civilisations, were white. And in the exact same way, as is happening today in the west, they …

Ezekiel chapters 38 & 39 
Are the words of the prophet Ezekiel important in the times we live? The prophet tells us Russia, Persia/Iran, Phut/Libya and Ethiopia/Sudan will come …

How many people with Moses in the desert? 
I'm trying to get some idea of approximately how many people were with Moses in the desert. All I can find is "a multitude". Does anyone have resources …

The Ancient Path - Noahide 
Mankind is mankind - my point being that there are not different species of mankind, we are all human and basically all have the same needs, it does not …

Regarding the Prophet Jeremiah 
Anybody please share any knowledge of the great prophecies of Jeremiah the prophet. I am reading the book of this great prophet, and am interested in information …

Street Ministries New Life in Christ Not rated yet
What a great study ,especially to know of the origin of organized religion. People know very little of the truth. Our country and world is in a world …

We must view through YHVH's mindset Not rated yet
By getting through many historic facts, I have learned this world doesn't have truth, language barriers are everywhere. YHVH has shown a confirming …

The Temple Calendar Not rated yet
When Yahweh gave instructions concerning His feasts, He started with the weekly Sabbath: “Six days shall work be done: but the seventh day is the sabbath …

Key Understanding in Bible Prophecy Not rated yet
Here are significant biblical facts that will unlock the prophetic scriptures for correct rendering: The Lord's "harpazo" action to immortalize His …

All the churches are not Christ's Not rated yet
All the Christian denominations are not true Christian denominations. Because they are not following Christ. If they are following Christ they have …

Moorish Jewa Not rated yet
The Marranos: The Moorish Jews of Portugal, Spain and Benin (Guinean) Coast (Part 1) – Oguejiofo Annu Black Moorish Jews of Maghrib, Sudan and …

How Christians Misunderstand Race in the Bible Not rated yet
The topic of race in the Bible always seems to be down-played and trivialized by most Christians nowadays, who seem to do so upon the inspiration of their …

The Edomites Not rated yet
The Edomites were descended from Esau, who was renamed Edom. Esau was Jacobs brother and Jacob was later renamed Israel. He was the father of 12 sons who …

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Unification of Israel Not rated yet
Why did Eastern Israel and Northern Israel merge?

Surnames of Italian Jews? Not rated yet
What are the surnames of Jews who went to Italy in 80 AD to 1100 AD?

The Wars of The Human Races- David and Goliath. Not rated yet
(784.11) 70:1.15 Always these olden tribes made war at the bidding of their gods, at the behest of their chiefs or medicine men. The Hebrews believed in …

God and Conflict Not rated yet
It seems that everyone takes delight in forming their own opinion about everything. I know that God's truth is absolute. But just saying that doesn't prove …

Inquiry about Family Blessings. Not rated yet
This is an interesting blog. I hope you don’t mind if I use some of your graphical concepts in the Family Blessings website I’m currently working on. …

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The Nephilim

The Nephilim appear in the opening verses of Genesis 6. Their identity could change our modern view of God and the Bible, as well as our understanding of ancient "myths". These Nephilim were wicked, yet powerful. They were "the men of old, men of renown". They were the half-human & half-divine offspring of the "sons of God" and "daughters of man".

Ancient Israel from Adam to Abraham

Ancient Israel was guided by the very hand of God. The Bible is a record of one family answering God's call, and creating a nation He would claim His own. Adam & Eve occupy that period of time known as pre-history. We cannot date the events of Adam through Noah with any degree of certainty whatsoever. 

The Garden of Eden

The search for the Garden of Eden has been an ongoing search for thousands of years. New technology, such as satellite imagery, may have finally solved the mystery. Could it be in modern day Iraq? Or, perhaps modern day Turkey?

The History of Palestine

The Old Testament speaks not of only Israel, but also the land of Palestine. The two are inextricably connected. The history of Palestine was shaped by a number of civilizations and cultures, all making up Canaanite society.

Jericho Israel

Jericho has shown traces of civilization dating over 9,000 years ago! This ancient city was a pivotal city throughout the Old Testament. The battle of Jericho remains one of the most famous battles in history.

Who Were the Habiru?

The Habiru are closely connected with the ancient Hebrews. The two may have been referred to as the same by outside countries and rulers. They play a dominant role in the Amarna Letters.

Nimrod and the Tower of Babel

Nimrod was a key figure in ancient Israel. He was the driving force behind the Tower of Babel. He was a "mighty hunter", seemingly in defiance of God. He was the founder of the Babylonians, and the system of religion which would battle God throughout all of history.

Ancient Mesopotamia Forum

Ancient Mesopotamia and ancient Israel shared many close bonds. Some scholars claim the Mesopotamian hero Enkidu is one and same as the Biblical Enoch. The Patriarchs were closely tied to this land.

Google Earth view of ancient Mesopotamia.

Abraham Discussion Forum

Abraham was promised by God to become a father of many nations. His children through Sarai, Hagar, and Keturah would lead to the founding of Israel and the Arab nations.

Visit the Sons of Noah

The sons of Noah were responsible for repopulating the world. Their descendants spread to all corners of the globe. Many claim Shem is actually the Melchizedek Abraham encountered in Genesis.

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