history of israel people as mentioned in outr holy book (KORAN)

by ashraf soliman
(el haram,Giza, Egypt)

first of all my full respect to the loyal Jewish people who believe in God of Abraham and Moses,and who believe that the only message of Moses is TORAH..In fact Jewish people were the first sincere and loyal to our great God,and because of that they suffered a lot from the other nations who deny the exist of God..but the question is why God considered them as the Elite among other nations at that time..when I concentrated in some verses in Koran,I found that they broke the strong promise with God and when asked him for forgiveness,he ordered them to kill themselves,and they accepted and done,at this moment God brought them to life and blessed them with preference..this example give us as Muslims that there were strongly loyal to our for about the other story with Pharaoh ,I have some comments about that..Prophet Abraham and his blessed lady Sarah made a long trip to populate the massage of God,and came to Egypt,and they welcomed by the king of pharaohs and when they left,he dedicated them an Egyptian captured queen that he won through the battle of people in south of Egypt..this queen was called Haggar..and her main task was to serve and help them during the trip of return..That means we have (as Egyptians) a common history with Abraham followers..then Koran came with the story of prophet Yousef ,who was the prime minister of the king of Egypt at that time,and saved Egypt from starvation...I must say that the last king of pharaohs(Ramsis 2nd)was a dictator and persuaded the Jews in Egypt to look for Moses,and he treated them as slaves,but it does not mean that all the pharaohs were like him..Finally I very much like to study the history of Jewish people with the people of Palestine since the time of prophet Moses...thank you

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