Tragedies Surround the Lives of Egyptian Queens

by Tom

Queen Nitocris, sister of Merenre II, sought revenge against high Egyptian officials who murdered her brother. She had built a large underground hall connected to the Nile
river. She invited all the officials who murdered her brother to a banquet and had the floor dropped, drowning all the traitors. This is how the mysterious 6th dynasty ends.

(Sakkara Egyptian king list shows however the next king after Pepi II died was Mentuhotep II 11th dynasty)

Queen Sobekneferu, sister of Amenemhet IV, dressed like a man. Queen Hatshepsut also dressed like a man. Sobekneferu reigned ended mysteriously just like the 6th dynasty ended.

(Abydos Egyptian kings list shows after Amenemhet IV died 12th dynasty the next king was Ahmose 18th dynasty)

Queen Hatshepsut dressed like a man for 7 years. She supposedly had an affair with her royal administrator Senenmut. Hatshepsut's name was struck from all Egyptian records, for she was the princess who saved the infant Moses. Hatshepsut might have been murdered.

Queen Tausert was in love with her Syrian butler Bay. Like Nitocris, with Sobekneferu and queen Hatshepsut there was anarchy in Egypt after Tausert dies. (After Hatshepsut the anarchy occured in the 10 plagues striking Egypt in her nephew king Thutmose III's reign.)

Queen Cleopatra was in love with Antony and she was involved in a power struggle with the Roman empire. Cleopatra lost and committed suicide and Antony fell on his sword.

Egyptian scribes wrote so positively about their kings and so negatively about their queens.

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Dec 03, 2012
The Existence of Nitocris
by: Anonymous

Wait, so does Nitocris exist?

Mar 08, 2012
Chaotic Times When Egyptian Queens Reigned
by: Walter

Abraham visited Egypt and the Memphis dynasty fell a few years later. Queen Nitocris supposedly was the last ruler of the Memphis dynasty. Chaos struck Egypt upon her death.

Interesting that God's plagues against Egypt (Genesis 12:17) happened only a few years before Nitocris became queen. Egyptian administrators had her husband murdered, planting the seeds for civil war at the time she died. Her tomb was not found.

Joseph lived in Egypt and the Egyptian kings at Itj-tawy prospered. Joseph dies. Queen Sobekneferu
administrators revolt. Chaos struck Egypt upon her death. Civil war rages. Her tomb was not found.

Queen Hatshepsut was the princess who saved Moses life. Hatshepsut prospered. Egyptian scribes tried erasing her name from Egyptian history.

Abraham appears to have been visiting Egypt while princess Nitocris' father Pepi II reigned. Joseph lived in Egypt an old man while princess Sobekneferu lived, and Moses was born during princess Hatshepsut's reign where she fought for power.

These three princesses became queens in turbulent times in Egyptian history, matching Biblical historical figures.

Mar 07, 2012
Queen Nitocris
by: Jim

Princess Nitocris was the daughter of Egyptian king Pepi II, who had trade with Sodom and Gomorrah.(She was beautiful and fair like Sarah)

Abraham was 75 years old and Sarah was 65 when they visited Pepi II, who was 96 years old at the time.(Pepi II died age 100 in 1913 B.C. biblical time, some 4 years after Abraham entered Egypt)

Abraham lives in Egypt until age 76 because he is in Canaan for 10 years, 76 - 86, before Ishmael is born when Abraham is 86 yrs. old.(Genesis 16:3 & Genesis 16:16)

Abraham born in 1992 B.C.
Ishmael 1906 B.C.
Isaac 1892 B.C.

Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed 20 years after Pepi II died. These cities were destroyed in 1893 B.C. - one year before Isaac was born.

The city of Byblos in 1893 B.C. was destroyed by an earthquake at the same time. Pepi II artifacts were found in earthquake rubble by archaeologist.

The next Egyptian king having trade with Byblos is Amenemhet I 1843-1813 B.C., after Byblos is rebuilt.

From 1913-1843 B.C. Thebean kings Mentuhotep II, Mentuhotep III and Mentuhotep IV repaired Egyptian society from wars scaring Egypt from the time after Pepi II died.

Mar 07, 2012
Queens Nitocris and Sobekneferu
by: Jerry

Queen Nitocris supposely ran into a burning building after killing those people at a banquet who had killed her brother and committed suicide.

So the 6th dynasty ended with this cover up story?

Queen Nitocris, if she actually existed, provided an answer to the chaos which occurred shortly after Pepi II had died, where no doubt a civil war brewed and was not resolved until Thebean Mentuhotep II came to power reuniting Egypt.

Queen Nitocris, if she actually existed, would have reigned over Egypt not more than 10 years after God plagued Egypt. (Genesis 12:17) Both Nitocris and Sarah were fair to look at. (Genesis 12:11)

Queen Sobek-neferu, named Sobek for the crocodile god, fed her enemies to crocodiles some Egyptian historians speculate.

So the 12th dynasty ends with this cover up story?

And the Hyksos Thebean wars began when Hyksos king Apepi I complained about a hippo's roar from Thebes some 500 miles away? What a children's story!

What this tells us is that Egyptian scribes did not always report honestly about Egyptian history; and Egyptian dynasties - some are a hoax.

The first and second Egyptian intermediate dynasties show mysterious beginnings, and the second intermediate dynasty shows a mysterious end.

Once these stories are written off as children's tales, Biblical and Egyptian history could be shown in correlation towards real events where Egyptian history would have no mystery. The chronologies of Middle-East nations would match up.

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