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It is quite evident that the text “Son’s Of God” and/or Nephilim, however diverse, has been referenced, and has been, in my opinion, clearly indicating some great validity to its term and or its uses.

"Son's of God" has been, and will continue to show, complicity through the variations of translation. But it’s my feeling that through reading “Giants”, Greek Mythology, and the Egyptians.

Although great time spans in difference are all clearly connected, I do believe that the “Sons of God” are in fact the fallen Angels.

As I have been discussing this topic for years with my Catholic priest, and my own personal theological studies, I have concluded through my own opinion and research this to be true.

The Book: The Ark of Millions of years elaborates on many of these topics interestingly enough shedding new light on the many similarities, between religions.

The Bible for me is the one and only instruction master piece. But I cannot help but see the results and connections from the others.
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Dec 18, 2011
The Nephilim and Angels
by: Robert Marshall

God, and only God can create, period. If angels could create, do we realize what this world would be like? Total chaos. Angels could not mate with earthly women, because they have no DNA. In Jesus' day we read that demons could possess people and they could be driven out, as Jesus did.

Satan is the chief of the sinning angels, but they are still spirits. God did use angels to do His work . They were called theophanies. Men and women are the only ones that can procreate. The reason for that was because of sin. After Adam and Eve sinned against God He couldn't create a perfect being into a world of sin. In order for Gods work to be completed He gave man the gift of knowing good and evil. Since man cannot control good and evil, we see the results of it in the world today.

When God created Adam and Eve He also made a plan of redemption. God could have destroyed the world after Adam and Eve sinned, except for two things. The Lambs book of life written before the foundation of the world and, God said multiply and fill the earth. God showed man in Noah's day how the world would end. He depicted this also at Sodom and Gomorrah.

Jesus said the world would be the same in the last days. There is no salvation for the fallen angels because God made no provision for it. The only reason man has salvation is because of this flesh. The angels were only spirit. Man is spirit and flesh. God created angels in spirit only. The difference between man and angels is, God breathed the breath of life into man which made man a part of God. He did not breath the breath of life into angels.

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