The Mountains of Another Time

by Spencer D Miles
(La Veta Co)

The antediluvian terrain was much less austere than that of today. The fossil evidence of Mt Everest, and many other sites, attests to the understanding that when the waters prevailed above the mountains, they weren't prevailing as greatly as one might think. It is based upon speculation, but here is a theory that answers most of the available evidence:

The earth was nearly 90 deg from the ecliptic - no seasons so to speak, and the hydrosphere (waters above the firmament) created the 'greenhouse effect' increasing lifespan, promoting healthy giantism, etc... The length of the year was 360 days.

What is also understood is that the original earth's crust consisted of three primary layers: After the 'mantle' there was the Basalto-Sphere, the remnants of this is found today as the ocean floor - this rock is primarily iron or mafic in composition and acts as the essential 'foundation' of the earth.

Directly above this basalto-sphere was the 'hydroplate' known as the waters of the deep. This layer was capped by the Granitic crust - primarily silicic in composition, and remains today as continental crust.

An object from space, an asteroid or a comet, impacted the earth creating the season giving 23 something deg angle of the axis to the ecliptic, and initiating a wobble in the axial track. This impact also destabilized the earth. The impact created a crack in the previously pristine granitic crust.

The waters of the deep, being under several miles of solid, contiguous granite, was under extreme pressure and took advantage of the cracks - breaking open the fountains. This water shot into the upper atmosphere (very extreme pressure) and essentially precipitated the hydrosphere - water at many degrees below zero - and created a so called 'instant ice age' as it rained back down. As the water shot from the cracks, also known as the mid oceanic ridges, the granitic crust in contact with the geysers was eroded heavily and created what would become nearly all sedimentary stone. The pieces of the left over granitic crust, being lubricated somewhat upon the hydroplate, slid and collided creating metamorphic stone, and mountain ranges.

This process also compacted the crustal structures of the earth and, as the spinning ice dancer, caused the earth to spin faster and drift from her previously unperturbed orbit.

Voila: 365.something day year, insane mountain ranges with clams at the top, and an irradiated earth surface incapable of supporting the life that had once flourished.

The waters aswaged - ran away - because the mountains rose beneath them. Indeed, if the hydroplate and the hydrosphere had not created a blanket of water upon which to ride, no flesh would have survived this breaking - we're talking about earthquakes in the 20 or so range on that old scale.

In any case, the water was probably not any thicker than a few miles or so, someone has calculated its real depth by a flattening of the earth's topography and accounting for the necessary runover of the currently observed water - though I don't know who or when.

Take it or leave it, but the entire world screams out that the wages of sin is death - in a mind boggling and insanely terrifying measure. Just imagine watching a wall of water shoot from the ground at 2000 mph or so, and ripping the sky in two before raining boulders large as a mountain accompanied by -150 degree ice.

Hell came to earth back then, all of our topography shows what scars it left.

How mighty is The LORD!

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Nov 11, 2011
All the "things" that Jesus did.
by: Anonymous

There is a book writen about "all the things Jesus did", when he was alive on earth as a human being. (atleast most of the significant things Jesus did in his life, when he was on earth as a human being)

The Book is called The Urantia Book (Urantia means "Earth"). Like "UR" of The Chaldeas in Mesopotamia in The Old Testament. (UR-antia)

The Bible is a very limited and biased document, when it comes to the "things" which Jesus did in his life. There is not even one word writen by Jesus Himself, in The New Testament. (Jesus only wrote in the sand or the dirt (as The Bible discribes it), and Jesus also instructed his Apostles to never write down anything that he said or did, while they lived together as a group)

The New Testament is writen by The Apostles, who didn't even understand (themselves) all the "things" which Jesus was saying to them. (even The Bible itself testifies to this statement)

The Apostles also mistakenly expected Jesus to come back to earth, in a few hours to start his rulership as "The Kingdom of God". Angels had to be sent to The Apostles to let them know, that it was going to be "a while before Jesus was to come back again", etc. (like, 2000 years later....or, was it 4000 years later?)

Nov 11, 2011
The Blind leading Those with Sight.
by: Ronald Duane Cochran

Jesus said many important things to the people of His day, but they couldn't understand or "see" what He was saying either. I'm not sure if this is a problem which Jesus had Himself or if it was a problem that the people had themselves, back then 2000 years ago.

We can only "see" what we are willing to "see", and nothing more than that.

Not even God Himself can "force" another human being to "see" what is right in front of them.

It is an interesting thing to watch or observe the blind leading the blind, into the ditch which they both do not "see".

I can "see" this very cleary in others, but not in myself!.

Nov 10, 2011
Mountains of another time
by: Robert Marshall

What did God do? Is there a God? Did God create everything? Everybody who comes from the womb wonders about everything under the sun. John said: "If books were written about all the things Jesus did, the earth couldn't hold them all."

Was he right or wrong? God said He created everything, did He? The earth is billions of years old. All we have to do is find a witness to tell us the truth. Or is the earth just thousands of years old. There are a lot of arguments about that. Speculation runs rampant. Everyone has their opinion about this world. Nobody really knows.

It is a good thing to respect everyone's opinion, but a better thing to know the truth. Since there is only half-truth and speculation in this world, I guess we will all have to stand before the Judgement seat of Jesus to find out, or not.

Nov 10, 2011
The Planet Earth Was One Giant Ocean 1 Billion Years Ago.
by: Ronald Duane Cochran

8. Crustal Stabilization

The Age of Earthquakes
The World Ocean and the First Continent

(660.3) 57:8.1 1,000,000,000 years ago is the date of the actual beginning of (Earth) Urantia history. The planet had attained approximately its present size. And about this time it was placed upon the physical registries of Nebadon and given its name, Urantia. (Earth)

(660.4) 57:8.2 The atmosphere, together with incessant moisture precipitation, facilitated the cooling of the earth's crust. Volcanic action early equalized internal-heat pressure and crustal contraction, and as volcanoes rapidly decreased, earthquakes made their appearance as this epoch of crustal cooling and adjustment progressed.

(660.5) 57:8.3 The real geologic history of Urantia begins with the cooling of the earth’s crust sufficiently to cause the formation of the first ocean. Water-vapor condensation on the cooling surface of the earth, once begun, continued until it was virtually complete. By the end of this period the ocean was world-wide, covering the entire planet to an average depth of over one mile. The tides were then in play much as they are now observed, but this primitive ocean was not salty, it was practically a fresh-water covering for the world. In those days, most of the chlorine was combined with various metals, but there was enough, in union with hydrogen, to render this water faintly acid.

(660.6) 57:8.4 At the opening of this faraway era, Urantia should be envisaged as a water-bound planet. Later on, deeper and hence denser lava flows came out upon the bottom of the present Pacific Ocean, and this part of the water-covered surface became considerably depressed. The first continental land mass emerged from the world ocean in compensatory adjustment of the equilibrium of the gradually thickening earth's crust.

(660.7) 57:8.5 950,000,000 years ago Urantia presents the picture of one great continent of land and one large body of water, the Pacific Ocean. Volcanoes are still widespread and earthquakes are both frequent and severe. Meteors continue to bombard the earth, but they are diminishing in both frequency and size. The atmosphere is clearing up, but the amount of carbon dioxide continues large. The earth's crust is gradually stabilizing.

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