The Eden and the Garden of the Lord

by Liliane Bwire
(Nairobi, Kenya)

Having read scriptures,including Jewish jubilees, the LORD Gd gave me this revelation. According to the account of Lot in Genesis 13:10, the garden of the Lord was in Egypt( Nile Delta or Goshen where the israelites lived ), this is actually on the eastern side of Eden as the river Nile meandered out of the belly of Africa, if you consider Eden to be the land of Africa. The jubilees call the great river- the Gihon, that is the Mediterranean sea.

According to Gen 2:10, the first river that flows AROUND the whole of Haviland is the red sea that goes round Saudi Arabia, Yemeni(Gulf of Aden or Eden?) all the way separating into two more rivers the Tigris (3rd River),Euphrates 4th river as they stand today.

The gold, the stones in Haviland are the large oil wells.

The second river is actually the Mediterranean that goes round Cush. Scholars have over the years not figured the rivers because they neglected reading the Jewish jubilees, which clearly describe where the garden of the Lord is and how its among the three Holy places that face each other in a triangle.

Scholars also got it wrong when they thought Cush is Ethiopia - it is not. This geographical err has made scholars get mixed up about the 4 rivers flowing out of each other, when they wound around Ethiopia where the Nile flows.

Geographically its also notable that the Nile Delta, where it pours into the Mediterranean sea is along the same latitude with the Euphrates, meaning they have a similar source!

When the Bible says a river flowed out of Eden, it's now clear, the river is the famous Nile-that Gd is so possessive about as recorded in scriptures and it went out to water the Lord's Garden(Nile Delta), before dividing further into 4, as I have mentioned.

Because no one pays any attention to Africa as a continent, they missed this vital piece of information, as the Lord says in Isaiah 19:19.

These things were not academic but revealed to me by the Holy Spirit! He doesn't LIE.

I hope you can now draw this famous biblical map and share with all those seeking the Lord's secrets.

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Sep 20, 2022
I Like it NEW
by: Tluanga Khawlhring

Well, I would like to know how you could perceive what the holy spirit tell. But I like this. God bless You.

May 20, 2019
You know not the scriptures. NEW
by: Roger

You have failed to account for the flood. The world was destroyed by God. He broke it up like a raw egg crushed in His hands. The land was shifted and parts where turned upside down and slid under other parts of the land. We call them continental plates. When the water receded Noah and his descendants simply reused the names for rivers and places that they were familiar with. The exact location of Eden is not known by anyone but God. The river mentioned as flowing out of Eden and dividing into 4 rivers are gone. Some time after the flood people simply came across a new river and named it whatever came to mind. The reusing of names is a common trait throughout history. Just look around at all of the names that get repeated for cities and rivers around the world.

Jan 07, 2016
He doesn't Lie
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the Knowledge!

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