The Biblical Garden of Eden in Tanzania, Africa

by Chaiba

The only seen and proven Garden to date is in Tanzania, where even the remains of the first human was found. It is the only place where you can see the true story of the beginning of human beings.

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Sep 07, 2023
The proof is diverse but tangible. NEW
by: John

The unassailable extant prove of the location of Eden is to be found in both the fulfilment of the geographic description of it's parameters, and in the wealth of anthropological evidence that it has preserved to it's identity.

Modern climate science has eventually mapped the phenomenon they call atmospheric rivers, and although they are yet to read their own maps to identify what they hold, this same phenomenon was known in the ancient world, as sky rivers, and these were the four rivers of the Eden geographic description. The intertropical convergence zone forms the two rivers system, and where these are cut by the north and south arms of sky rivers, that land below them is Eden. It so happens that this location is in East Africa.

The features of the lands, from Mt Kerinyaga in Kenya to the Sanjaranda highlands in Tanzania, these correspond in congruency to the constellation of the Southern Cross. And further to these attributes, is a multitude of retrievable evidence, such as that the names of these locations are in the first language of learning, Sanskrit. There is also a wealth of culture of the indigenous peoples which narrate of these lands being the origins of the human race. Such other attributes as a location called 'the tree of God', and evidence of ancient land survey with a ley line between Sanjaranda and Mt Kerinyaga being the siting of most of the sacred shrines these people from antiquity.

Along this line is the My Ol-Deani... Which means the mountain of a place that perpetually gives of itself. And from the available global atmospheric rivers videos, one may clearly discern that the flow of these sky rivers seem to have an origin at this general location. Interesting too is the alliteration between the name Ed-eni, and Ole-Deani. Any sober quest for Eden will only lead to this certainty. I have been questing this subject over the last fifteen years, and have also the advantage of being a Kikuyu, one of the CV couple tribes of the region whose safeguard the merits of the Eden were entrusted to for the keeping, not by that name though, but rather in the science component of it. That these lands was were the most expedient upon earth to the function of the global rain making and distribution. The entire cultures revolved upon this function. And it is common knowledge that water is life, and hence, from the point where the global watering system originates, so can it be said for life.

Feb 26, 2023
eastward of e'den (eastward of Africa) NEW
by: Anonymous

The garden of E'den was destroyed in the flood,
as everything on the dry land was destroyed. However, I believe the place it was located is
still holy ground. The garden was placed eastward in E'den, I believe Africa is E'den, so the holy area, the holy place, the holy ground I believe is in east Africa(in east E'den) Genesis 2:8
With all this being said, I pray all come to repentance(return to The Most High Creator of all the heavens and earth) as I believe we are in tribulation, don't take no chip, don't submit to the evil one, and repent if you have taken the jab. The Most High will take care of you, trust Him. Oh, there is no rapture as the world church see it, if we are in tribulation, then where is the pre-trib rapture? There isn't one. Return today, choose Yashaya The Savior, The Most High in the flesh.

Dec 27, 2019

Read 'The Bible Is Black History
' by Dr. Theron D. Williams

God will punish the menstealers.
Jesus Christ is Lord!

Aug 05, 2018
Eridu and Eredo are the same name. NEW
by: eleoredhead

The sumerians and igbos had the same point of orgin in nile valley. Thousands of years ago they became seoarate ethnically. Eridu(mesopotamia), Eredo(nigeria). Eredo means "Ur of the Idu/Edo. The sumerians,Igbos and Dravidians and Ancient egyptians,seem to be one person. nimrod was a kushite,he ruled tigris eurphrates. edo of nigeria are also related to edomites if arabia. They were same people in nile until one group went west,(benue trough)and the other group went east.
dna r1b is found in w.europe,but its point of orgin is chad,benue trough.

Mar 10, 2018
sherrif, david author NEW
by: Anonymous

Author (commentary) david sherrif is the
smartest person so far, evidentially.

Jul 26, 2017
by: Anonymous

garden of EDEN was located at MONGOLIA, and not only the garden of EDEN, but also the ark of the COVENANT and the temple of SOLOMON.

Take it or leave it....

Jun 18, 2017
Garden of Eden in Tanzania - really? NEW
by: N

One fact most who search for the Garden of Eden ignore is that there was a world wide flood that destroyed the whole earth of that time. That means that the Garden of Eden was destroyed in the Flood, which means it cannot be found now. Linguistic and other evidence points to the Middle East for the earliest mankind. Just reading Scripture, Noah landed probably in the Mountains of Ararat found in Iran. Basing any source for Garden of Eden on so-called "science" of "earliest humans" is bad science because there have been way too many conjured "earliest humans" "discovered" all in an effort to "prove" Darwinian evolution.

Jul 20, 2015
Location of the Garden of Eden, Rohl's View
by: Gary T. Mayer

Due to my studies in writing my book "New Evidence for Two Human Origins: Discoveries That Harmonize the Bible and Science," I discovered a book by David Rohl that pinpoints the location of the Garden of Eden. It was in northern Iran just east of Lake Urmia. He explains it in his book "Legend: The Genesis of Civilisation [British spelling]." I explain the Hebrew exegesis backing up this view in my blog http// My two articles on the subject are "Where Is the Garden of Eden?" and "The River That Went Out of Eden." One must place the Garden at the heads of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers.

Aug 07, 2012
The 'Out of Africa' Myth !
by: Anonymous

The 'Out of Africa' theory is a myth designed to promote politically correct racial harmony between all races by attempting to proclaim all races came from Africa. It is not as scientific as it purports to be and is more of a social construct. The same liberal, social construct that says that the concept of race no longer exists!

The fact that "all people out of Africa, EXCEPT for the black man, have the same DNA" does NOT prove that we all came from Africa! It simply means that all white and mixed race (black & white) people outside of Africa share the same DNA and that is caucasoid (white) DNA. [i.e. white people and colored people both have white DNA in them].

This is why they EXCLUDE the African pure black race in these studies of people's DNA outside of Africa. If they included that DNA then you would not be able to compare it to Caucasoid DNA and claim they share DNA.

However the mixed race (coloured) DNA can be made to fit the black and white race DNA since it is a mixture of both. Therefore it is not true that all DNA outside of Africa came from Africa simply because it is shared among, or is common to many different races outside of Africa. Because a colored man has white DNA in him, that does not make all white people colored, and neither does it make all white people black originally !

Jan 24, 2012
Garden of Eden
by: REX

The Garden of Eden was near the headwaters of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

Tanzania so-called man is nothing more than an ape, like David has stated.

Jan 24, 2012
by: Robert Marshall

Before God created anything He had already decided to destroy everything. This world is not here to last forever. It is here for God as a way to do his work. Once His work is finished He will destroy it all. Gods plan is to create a people for Himself. In order for Him to do that He gave His creation the ability to know good and evil.

Once evil entered into the equation God gave control of His creation to man. He knew man could not control good and evil. We see the results of this everyday. War, rumors of war, death, murder, and destruction. When man sinned against God, He left man to his own desires.

They say there are two sides to every story. Man being corrupt knows only one side. God gave man a conscience that either tells us we are wrong or right. The only time God changes anything in this world is when He saves someone. That saved person is then made alive to God. When God is through saving all Whom He will save, then this world will be destroyed, and a new Heaven and Earth will be created, where sin will not be an influence anymore. Only God knows when that will be.

Jan 24, 2012
Garden of Eden
by: David Sheriff

The common error, I believe, is calling it the Garden of Eden.

The earliest writings are cuneiform by the Sumerians.

These are written as E-din, which is between the Euphrates & Tigris.

Early fossils show Mycene apes that were the first to walk upright, however modern man ( Homo Erectus )and Neanderthals show completely different DNA, which means they were altered deliberately, not by time or evolution.

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