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Aram is a son of Shem, one of the sons of Noah, according to the Table of Nations in Genesis 10 of the Hebrew Bible, and the father of (Uz,) Hul, (Gether) and Mash.3

The Book of Chronicles confirms Aram as one of Shem's sons, confirming Uz, Hul, Gether and Mash, as also on the list of Shem's descendants.4 Aram son of Shem is recognized as a prophet in Mandaeism and as an Islamic prophet.

Aram is usually regarded as being the eponymous ancestor of the Aramaean people of Northern Mesopotamia and Syria. wikipedia

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Aug 08, 2011
by: Robert Marshall

There seems to be a lot of information about Shem and other peoples of the Bible, talking about where they came from. Wouldn't it be nice if we had proof of all this talk. There are many topics I would love to talk about, but there is no way to prove theme.

So it becomes speculation. Living in a world of speculation is like living in a dream world. We would love to see results that fit our dreams, but there is no reality to it. If we can't live in a world of complete truth, then we cheat ourselves.

There is so much truthful information lost in time, that all we have is some truth and a lot of speculation. If we build an airplane according to what we believe it should be, how many people will fly on it? You must have a complete understanding of what is happening.

If you don't, how many people will continue to fly on your plane if it keeps crashing? When it comes to loyalty to your cause or life, you are the only one who can choose. Choose wisely.

Shem lived and died just like billions of other people in this world. Einstein is dead. where is his theory of relativity. In the grave with him. We are only passing through this world for a short time.

Let's forget the past and help the billions of people who are starving to death. It is better to have one good friend living than all the people of the past who are dead.

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