Genetic Alteration

Genetic Alteration

What has happened in the past is happening now!
Whether Angels can have sex organs can be redundant argument. I'm not given to the evolutionary theory, yet the fact in scripture was that man was more intelligent than we are now. Is it possible that the Fallen Angels had direct relations with humans - it is plausible.

Another alternative would be Fallen ones genetically altered the human genome, whether directly similar to the alien abductions, or through humans willing to follow their instruction. On one front we have Aliens abduction, on a second front we have movies persuading the minds of individuals about human enhancement and genetic tapering, on a third front there is research going on to alter or enhance the human genome to find a cure for disease and death.

From an overall point of view since the fall of Adam till now not much has changed, people are still looking for means to attain eternal life without God. So whether it is physical or philosophical it is working to influence individuals away from the truth. Jesus said it would be like the days of Noah, (read the text carefully), and God (Elohim plural for God) states that man would surely die without him (Yeshua).

One either believes the entire scripture or they don't. There is a reason for the Genealogy from Genesis to Christ, and there is line of individuals who followed Lucifer. Satan in the past did everything in his power to corrupt, dissuade, manipulate, control, steal, kill, and destroy. What has changed?

Just because the candy wrapper has changed on the outside it is still chocolate. In the same manner Fallen Angels first fell, had a plan and agenda to go against God. In the same manner that we adapt and change, so do they. Each generation wants to be different, changing things, ideas, names, so on, but in reality it is all the same no matter what you call it.

Technology will not change people spiritually, it may help prolong life but in the end you will die. There really isn't much mystery. Solomon stated there is nothing new under the sun, and Paul said that there is no sin that is uncommon to man.

Redemption cannot be found in technology, but in God's only provision the person for eternal life Yeshua (Jesus Christ). Only in Him will you find the answers. Let us not forget Jesus said that there would be a strong delusion to believe THE LIE.

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