Last Days Related to the Book of Enoch.

by David.

Christ said the last days will be like the days of Noah. The book of Enoch focuses on what those last days of Noah were like. The book of Daniel prophesied the image of different empires. The last empire will be mixed with clay(human)and iron(fallen angels).

Remeber, it read that they will mix with the children of mankind. All that is going on with terrorism is leading to new world order. Religion war is going take place with destruction in many places on Earth.

They have already started to make the catholic to fall by child molestion charges. If you know the history about the Templars, you know they have a personal vendetta against the catholics.

Thats why the French monarchy fell because of what the French king did to the Templars. Christ said in the last days the Christains will be persucuted. After the religion war the new government will put a law abolishing any religion on Earth.

They will burn books related to the Bible, the Quran, Torah, and especially the Bible.

If you are a Muslim, Christain or Jew you will be put to jail or maybe killed.

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