The Nephilim

What about when it says that Nephilim were on the earth after the flood, if they all died in the flood what Nephilim survived? Only Noah's family was left.

The Spirit of God also went into the daughter of man (Mary), and made Yahshua THE first born son of God. He walked in His fathers commandments and made an example of how we were to walk in His commandments too. He did not fail His mission to walk in the instructions of YHWH"S plan, to die for sins and to put the curse of death on the cross, so that we may walk in His commandments(the path of righteousness that the other sons of God in the beginning failed to walk in) and this gives us a life of favor and righteousness/ not salvation mind you which is eternal.

He also nailed the certificate of divorce to the cross along with the curse of death so that when He died and resurrected He could remarry His bride whom He divorced.(The divide Kingdom, the Northern 10 tribes after captivity did not return and mingled in with the Nations and He gave them over to the false worship and false god's, and He was no longer their husband) He could not break His own commandment.

So...Yahshua is the son of God, but one who WALKED in the instructions of His Father which His Father said, "This is my son who I am well pleased with" He is also part of the sevenfold spirit (Revelation 4 and 5 I believe) of God.

He was willing to die for fallen man, who mingled themselves w/ false worship in Satan's law of curse and death.( w/ The Nephilim?)

This isn't a theory, part of it is Scripture I am pondering and just sharing my thoughts...

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