Lessons From Nehemiah

by Gynnie Ann De Jesus
(Northeast, (Weehawken, NJ) U.S.A.)

God is Good

God is Good

Greeting in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I liked the information provided by your site. I have a Bachelor of Science in Psychology; Organizational Behavior.

I am presently rereading the King James Version of the Holy Bible; it will be my second time when completed. I always read in The Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. I love the stories of the Holy Scriptures. The story of Joseph; youngest son of Jacob breaks my heart. Rarely is the time when I read how he was overwhelmed in identifying his brothers who stood before him, unable to recognize him, and had to get up from where he sat as the man in charge of all of Egypt's resources (Controller) and flee to behind the chambers and cry. That breaks me every time for sure. Something about that story touches my heart.

I love the story of Nehemiah, as it offers the method or should I say rubric of "The" successful strategy; unfortunately most Christian Churches do not encourage successful strategy, for building a future (of financial security); I say the Lord has offered his people the rubric of a successful strategy in meeting the goals we set, in the story of Nehemiah. This insight was given to me, just as my school course work covered "successful strategy planning", one Sunday, during those studies, out of the blue I chose to attend service.

Not having attended for weeks, there I sat listening to the sermon being given on the book of Nehemiah, and I knew that the Lord wanted me to know that "Successful Strategies" are covered in his Word; also that the Good Lord is well aware that I am in those studies. Amazing and real is our Lord.

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Dec 20, 2011
God's Word
by: Robert Marshall

Sometimes i wish i could understand Gods word completely.But who could i share it with. It is like being in school. The teacher has the attention of all the students. The Bible is not like a book that was written by man. The bible was written by man, but inspired by God.

Jesus said the Holy Spirit is the teacher of Gods Word. This can only be done on an individual basis. When the Holy Spirit teaches a saved person to understand the Bible, the only way it can be shared with someone else is if the Holy Spirit open that persons spiritual mind to understanding.There is a lot of controversy about this.

When you get a truth from the Holy Spirit you know in your spiritual heart that it is the truth. Gods spiritual word touches the spiritual heart of man, not the human heart. That is where the joy of God touches the spiritual heart. It is a joy beyond understanding. God teaches it, line upon line, and precept upon precept. A student can learn that one and one are two, but he or she must progress to the next part.

If one part is lost then the learning stops. Learning is progressive. God follows that same teaching in His Word. The Holy Spirit will not teach something new until we understand what he has already given us. Only He can make us understand. Not man.

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