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Jun 05, 2013
Non-Enoch look at Genesis 6, Nephilim and son's of God
by: Louis (London)

Man was not born of spirit alone. Man was born with water and spirit. The water refers to blood in man and not to the "mother's womb". The spirit refers to God. Unless a man is born of water and spirit, he cannot enter the Kingdom of God. It is true and correct that man has to be born again in water and spirit since we sin as soon as we enter the world. The water and spirit have to be purified through the blood of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

It is not possible for a man to be born of spirit alone. Angels are spirits and have no blood. Therefore, they cannot have children on their own. They must take a human form to do so.

That is the reason Jesus Christ came as a man. There is no other way to live on this earth as a man apart from being water and spirit.

Baptism and circumcision are symbolic. They have no other signification but to obey the Command of the true God and understand his ways and future plans for mankind. The same as the tree of knowledge of good and evil in Gen 2:9 which you shall not it thereof Gen 2:16-17. The same commandment was declared at the same time, from the very beginning as the Sabbath Commandment Gen 2: 1-3 which again forms part of the Ten Commandments.

To disobey God as a man is the greatest barrier which invites the wrath of the true God. The commandments of Exodus 20: 1- 11 clearly indicate that.

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