The Bloodline of Seth

by White Rose

Nephilim, or Sons of God, is intriguing. What do you think of the following?

I believe that the word refers to the bloodline of Seth. It's possible that God desired the descendants of Seth and that of Cain to separate with no intermarriage. It is written that God gave Cain a mark to single him out after murdering his brother, but it's possible that his descendants bore the same mark.

Though we will never know for sure what it was. We see the same reasoning with that of the Israelites. In later history from the bible, they were not to take certain wives among them. It is written that King Solomon took wives of such people, and made God unhappy because Solomon started worshiping other false Gods.

Now we come to Noah. In the bible it says that Noah is perfect in his generations. Why would it say that? Because he has a clear line from Seth with no intermarriage into the daughters of Cain. They are saved from the flood.

Could the reason that the term Nephilim has lost it's meaning is because People after the flood didn't worry about ever intermarrying and loosing the bloodline with the children of Cain, because they were all dead?

Is it possible that there may have been a special name for the Cain bloodline that has been lost? How many generations was it after the flood before some started making false Gods, and these other nations rise in which God has to warn the children of Israel not to inter-marry?

Is it far fetched since even today the royal family, and others who have famous members in their bloodline, are afraid of loosing it.

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Sep 11, 2017
Truth will prevail
by: Anonymous

I just wanted to agree onnthebcomments,,that the CREATOR IS THE ONLY ONE to follow after ,wait for
Word to be revealed in the meantime we are to study to approve ourselves unto YAHAWAH...the seed is key...the unadulterated seed that has not been tainted by outsiders,, the seed of Cain...!

Oct 30, 2011
Bloodline of Seth
by: David Sheriff

If we are to follow this bloodline, what we will see is that the DNA comes in two parts. In each cell we have mitochondrial DNA, which shows those cells passed by the mother, and is present in every cell.

However, only the fatherĀ“s DNA is inside the nucleus of those cells. Thus it is very easy to trace the origin of the mother but far more difficult to trace the DNA sequence of the father over time.

The Nephelim could be Fallen Angels of physical Alien entities.

Oct 29, 2011
Bloodline of Seth
by: Robert Marshall

First of all, we must remember that God is Sovereign. Before god created anything He had a master plan all laid out which included everything He would do with His creation. He left nothing to chance. Everything God did was calculated. He knows the beginning from the end. Romans chapter 8 verses 18 thru 21. tells us that God planned for man to know good and evil.

The Lambs book of life slain before the foundation of the earth tells us something bad is going to happen. Every one created in the world came into play according to Gods will. No one can explain the mysteries of God, only the holy Spirit. All the answers to all your questions are hidden in the Bible.

God said we learn line upon line, precept upon precept. We can look for answers from other people but the truth comes only from God. Nobody has all the answers except God. So study Gods word to be a workman approved by God, not man.

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