Garden of Eden & Other Questions

by Phillip Kwame
(Ouaga, Burkina Faso West Africa)



Which part of the world was the Biblical Garden of Eden created in?

Did Jesus say to marry in the Church?

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Mar 09, 2012
Garden of Eden & Other Questions
by: Louis (London)

The Bible clearly states that two of the Rivers were in Africa: One that flows through all the land of Ethiopia (African continent -- the Nile), and one that flows in the land of Havilah, where there is good gold and other precious stones.

The African continent still has precious stones and gold today. Havilah (The Grandson of Cush -- Africa again) is found in the House of Ham; and later as an ancestor in the House of Shem (when the world began to divide); or continental drift after the flood.

The other two Rivers are the Tigris and Euphrates. So one can deduce that the African Continent was joined to the the "Middle East" and there was no Red Sea. The Garden, therefore, stretched from Africa to possibly Iran. But since the Nile is the Longest of these rivers, it is only logical to conclude that this was the River that flowed through Eden (Africa) and parted.

The Nile begins its journey from Rwanda and Burundi. I am certain the water way was also joined to River Congo and the Zambezi, and that all met at Lake Victoria at one point, which was possibly the head water. That is why we continue to have all the animals that God made from the ground still living together with man in East, Central and Southern Africa - all in one place and complete with a wide variety of plants and forests.

So the answer is still visible in today's world long after creation. The Garden was truly large! Eden was in East Africa -- to be precise.

Once you agree with a woman to marry and have a witness, that is done. God is also the witness. So two persons have witnessed as prescribed in the scriptures.

But to marry in church is a Blessing.

Jan 18, 2012
Garden of Eden and Marriage
by: Anonymous

The Garden of the Lord is in Egypt according to Lot in Gen13;10. It's the Nile Delta, the river that waters it is the Nile flowing from Eden-Africa. Afterwards, it divides into 4.

River 1 - Red Sea, gulf of Eden around Saudi Arabia where there is oil and gold around Yemen all the way; and breaks into 3rd/4th rivers of Tigris and Euphrates. These are things you won't know unless the Lord reveals them to you. But read the Jewish jubilees, they have a lot of inform.

Read Genealogy of the descendants of Shem; Noah and his sons divide the earth.

q2. Marrying in Church is good because you are like Christ the groom, and the bride who is the church. As scriptures say, you become one, so where you will conduct this activity you will become one.

As a Christian don't you desire to be one with holiness, in the word of God, instead of traditional practices, or culture or prostitute? In church, which is not a building but witnesses of the body of Christ, or disciples, you are sanctified and blessed rightly with elders and prophets laying hands on you. This is done to bless your union.

Nov 21, 2011
Eden and other questions
by: Robert Marshall

In Genesis chapter 2 verses 10 thru 14 gives some explanation of the rivers around the Biblical Garden of Eden. It is said that Eden was somewhere around Mesopotamia. Since the world was subjected to a flood in Noahs time, the geographical crust of the earth has shifted and changed. The earth axis shifted about four degrees.

God chose to make man and women to repopulate the world, because when man sinned against God, He could no longer create anything in a sinful world. Gods plan was to destroy the universe before He even created it. The earth was meant as a school for man to learn about God.

Since sin separated man from God, He wrote a book of instruction for man called the bible. God wanted man to be with one woman and to have children. Then as a family they could raise their kids together. He gave us two commandments. To love God with all your heart, with all your mind, with all your soul, and with all your strength and love your neighbor as yourself. He gave us the ability to discern good and evil. We know where that got us.

In the world today there are many ways to get married. A priest, a rabbi, a pastor or someone in government who has the states authority to marry people. Everything in this universe will be destroyed when God says school is out. Then we go on summer vacation which will last forever.

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