Non-Enoch look at Genesis 6, Nephilim and son's of God

by Marsella Harrison
(Washington Courthouse, Ohio)

So you have been enlightened that the son's of God are bne elohym and not male descendants of Seth. And that daughters (bath)are not female members of descendants of Cain, but actually a mass population (all mankind) born of one man, Adam. And that giants are not the Hebrew rapha for a giant or big person but are in fact nephilim, meaning, violent and one who causes others to fall.
(Refutation of sons of God being of Seth and daughters being of Cain: Adam and Eve had other sons and daughters after Cain and Seth. And they had kids who had kids. God did not destroy the world because of descendants born to 2 people who are believed to be Seth and Cain. He destroyed it because of a matter involving "all" mankind.)
Do you have some picture of demon scary monsters having sex with females that you just can't bring yourself to believe? Well, get that pic out of your head and imagination. Because that was not the case. The unification was a spiritual one and not physical. And the offspring were not mythical mutated half animal half man giant monstrous people.
How were Israelites one with God the Father? It was spirit to spirit John 4:23. Spirit to spirit.
How are we one with Christ? Spirit to Spirit. There is no sex going on in this unification. Spirits have no flesh and bone and no bodies or sexual organs. Their neither male nor female. Lk 24:39
Jesus cast unclean spirits from people, right? Was it a physical being clinging to a man, or did he cast an unclean spirit from the spirit of a man?
What is a son of God or angel? Try Hebrews 1:13-14. It is a messenger or one who tempts man toward salvation.
What is his opposite, the unclean spirit? Like the nephilim he is a temptor unto damnation and one who causes man to fall through wrong choices (such as Eve disobeying God or Law and what she knew to be right). Read Matt 12:43-45 if you want scary.
So what are these children in Genesis 6 born of spirit to spirit unification? Their spirit.
Did you slip on verses in Genesis 6 and fail to realize we are all born in one image (1:26-27) and become another image in later (3:22). And this refers to all mankind because we have all sinned and fallen short. The first image (of a person born from the womb) is of God and separated from evil an innocent of it until you partake of the evil (forbidden fruit from tree of knowledge of good and evil or a state unnatural to spirits) sleeping within you through disobedience and awaken it. Overcomers will keep reaching for that fruit from the tree of eternal life through the word which word is power and is power of eternal life and power that permits your entrance into the eternal kingdom of God as one who shall eventually attain it (Phil 3:12). A non-overcomer rejects the word of God. (You can't attain it now but can eventually if you strive for it now Gen 3:23-24).
So you are born a babe in the image of God as a son of God or bne elohym within a body of flesh. You are now as that tree of knowledge of good and evil and are infected with evil as a person who is infected with death or cancer that leads to death. You choose faith, God, righteousness, etc and are reborn a new spirit (image and so on- Jn 3). You chose the word and the messages or temptings of messengers and a new child of God is born that is not the same as the original babe born from the mother's womb. The spirit that leaves your body is changed and not the same as it was when it was born of the womb. it is a new son of God or bne elohym that shall enter into and inherit the kingdom (John 3-By the way, in Jn 3, being born of water refers to the mother's womb and not water baptism. Then you are reborn in spirit/heart. A circumcision preferred for you by Christ rather than circumcision of flesh/foreskin); Or what is born in you and from you is destined for eternal death and is a child of Death, rather than a child of life and God. A new creature. Not the same as the spirit born from the womb.
In the days of Noah and in our latter generations with such population growth and more and more people choosing to reject the word of God and God rather than accept it, or hear it from others rather than investigate for ourselves which leaves us confused, evil is greater than good and children born unto these have no chance at truth (and oneness with God and or Son) and if God did not intervene and bring destruction that leads to reduction and remembrance, all would be lost (due to pure confusion as it is becoming now). So the destruction is on the wise again (this time through Tribulation). History continues to repeat itself till the final day that follows the 1000 year reign of Christ when Satan is loosed in the earth again per-say. And in rejecting Christ, God, and word (knowledge)of God you leave yourself wide open to this nephilim to do more than simply tempt you. But to be united with your spirit within your flesh which is an unnatural act in which they were bound and punished for.
(People confuse nephilim as being "fallen" angels rather than one who causes others to fall).
Read Matt 12:40, Matt 12:43-45, I Pet 3:18-2- and Jude 1:6.
But in a way their not disobeying. Disobedience is actually doing something contrary to that which is natural.You invite this invasion within yourself of these temptors through rejection of God and our Lord. And they can't really do something God chooses to prevent them from. It is an inner action that occurs due to ones choices in life. Their committing something against nature and against their state or estate. They did so in the days of Noah and only during that time of huge population growth when evil was far greater than good because people chose disobedience and rejection of their Father and all that is good. The matter was brought to a halt by God with only 8 salvageable souls left in the world and the spirits of the temptors bound in the heart of the earth. Not merely temptors but those who go further than mere tempting. The same is occurring or soon to occur, followed by destruction and reduction and remembrance and 1000 year reign of Christ. At the end of it the same occurs one last time. For it is followed by judgement.
Why did our Lord say we are guilty of adultery if we play with it in our thoughts and minds though we do not commit the act physically?
Your flesh is a shell that temporarily binds your eternal spirit. The spirit is the true self. The body only acts out outwardly that which the inner spirit or self commands. The body is only a tool our true self uses in the temporal realm just as one uses a car to get from point A to point B and step out. You don't carry the car into the place of B with you. And you won't carry this body/shell into your eternal destination with you either.
So realize the importance and thing to consider when you study is spiritual, not physical. And also that which is behind the parable rather than the parable itself.

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