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Jan 18, 2011
by: David (toronto?ontario).

to know the future add the past the present and then the future will be revealed.The truth always makes sense.Investigate the truth it comes together like 2+2=4.Truth only has one form lies has many forms and confusion can only take somuch forms because truth is in it.Insight is by observing your environment and then you will know.

Dec 19, 2010
Last Days Related to the Book of Enoch
by: Stanley7

Lord Jesus Christ called me to strike you, David OUT immediately right now, because of your all fully misunderstandings and mistakes. We forgive you, David, as for you, David still do not know what to do in all futures.

Verily, verily I say to you, David that "Yesterday" (In the Pasts), "Today" (In the Presents) and "Tomorrow" (In the Futures always allow all everybody on Earth to search all the pasts, presents and futures to improve His Earth ever best all the times all more years to come so forth ahead in His All Nice Futures above you, David. Lord Jsus Christ and I are together come from above and you, David and all Earth Proples from below. Always yes and true! If everybody asks me, I will always do it with lord Jesus Christ's Authority for all everybody on Earth. Wow! Thank you. Bye. Stanley7

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