The Seer

by Jeremiah

With respect to your comments about the Nephilim. I am very familiar with that school of thought, and it is erroneous, along with the uncannonized lost books of the Bible you referred to.

There are no such classification of angels outside of the Serephims that are half creature and man like you described. There are only 3 classifications of angels, and none of them are sons of God as you state the Nephilim are.

Those translations were at the behest of the translators who were not filled, or anointed, with the Spirit of the Lord... as written in Job about the sons of God appearing before him.

Where the error begins is with the KJV which is rooted in the Latin Vulgate. In other words, the term "sons of god" is erroneous from the start when referring to angelic being.

They are all servants sent forth to minister to those who would be heirs to salvation. it is obvious from the root of the Hebrew word used it is talking about angels and not men. Only men can be called sons of God, who walk by faith and not by sight.

There is a greater (lengthy) explanation with reference to this, but suffice it to say that the doctrine of angels being called sons of God was all due to the fall, or curse of the fall, through Adam and Eve and is a precept of men.

The Nephilim were a group of angels that rebelled after the original fall of Lucifer (who has 6 abodes) and who took a third of the host with him.

They (the third host) are here on earth, whereas the Nephilim, because they rebelled afterward, were put into chains of darkness. Be a good scribe and look it up yourself.(ref. scriptures; Isa.14:1..; Ezek.28:12; Rev.12:1)

Jude 6 talks about these angels due to the fact if he was talking about the third host, then there would have been no devils for Jesus to cast out of people in his day..and in mine..and yours.

What sayest thou?

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Dec 20, 2010
Seer's Idenity
by: Anonymous


From what I have read of your postings, I think I know you and before your Father.

Your postings are filled with the true and correct spirit of the lord. And it is obvious to those that are of the elect that you on firm ground, using God's words and not merely your own. (If you are indeed the one I am thinking then know that the chapel has been now air conditioned and that I still stand).

Ingat and God Bless!

Nov 29, 2010
by: Anonymous

The Watchers are referenced several times in scripture. Twice in a dream in Daniel Watchers are referenced. Even the counsel of the Watchers is referenced.

Also in the story of Balaam, when he was called up to the high places of the Baalim (plural of Baal) to curse the children of Israel, one of those places of pagan worship was the 'field of Zophim', or 'field of the Watchers' at Mt Pisgah. Even Pisgah is a reference to a sex act with Asherah, the great mother.

Watchers are directly associated with the pagan Baalim worship.

You have to really study to find the clues. Many clues are in name meanings. An interesting study is the Hebrew meanings of the cities of the Canaanites. Many of the city names are references to their deities. When you look at the meanings you find things like 'gods who scatter their seeds', and even a reference to 'children of lightning'.

The nonsense doctrine that the 'ben Elohyim' are just the righteous sons of Seth was a doctrine pushed by Augustine in the middle ages. Prior to that time, the Jews and early Christians all understood the reference of 'ben Elohyim' to be a direct reference to angels.

It has NOTHING to do with the KJV translation of the text.

I spent years studying the topic after having a conflict with the High Priestess of Ashtoreth for this nation.

There are many many references in scripture that confirm the story presented in Enoch. Several verses are even directly quoted by Jude.

I have correlated the various names of the pagan deities. For example, Anath, one of the Canaanite goddesses is just the local name of Athena. She is references in names like 'Bethanath', ie 'temple/house of Anath' and Anathoth. Her egyptian name is Neith as in Aceneith, wife of Joseph. Her name means 'worshiper of Neith'. Neith = Anath = Athena.

Rev 2 also ties the 'throne of Satan' directly to the alter of Zeus in Pergamos. The Greek gods walked the earth after the flood and their offspring are Nephilim. The primary four were angels that were bound at the Tower of Babel. It is these angels that are released in Revelation. The great dragon of Revelation is the cockatrice of the Old Testament.

Lucifer is none other then the greek god Apollo, i.e., Apollyon, king of the bottomless pit.

There was NEVER a rebellion in heaven. 1/3 of the angels never fell and follow Lucifer. That is doctrine from medieval literature, not scripture. Too many ignorant Christians get their doctrine from 'Paradise Lost' and Dante's Inferno.

Few understand what lightning has to do with the fall of Satan. Who was the pagan god of Lightning in antiquity?

Sep 06, 2010
DMML - (don't make me laff)
by: The Seer

Besides that, I'd like to add, that I have read every imaginable literature this is from; Josephus, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Ebla Tablets... and I am here to tell you that whether they are authentic or not is irrelevant, because only from the Bible can you get a revelation of who God is. You should look into finding your destiny to make your calling and election sure.

I will pray that the eyes of your understanding be open, that you come in the knowledge of the anointing that God has for you in Christ, and for the Lord to help you realize you don't have to believe everything you read, and just because you say it's so... don't make it so.

Sep 06, 2010
DMML - (don't make me laff)
by: The Seer

Thou fool, who died and made you human? I say this in jest.. but tell me this, what merit do you have to add to your merit that allows you to call faith blind? Do you know how to walk by faith? Better yet, has the Father and God of Christ Jesus chosen you from among the "Called" and justified and glorified you?

Does the hand of the Lord rest upon you (heavily) ... all during the day, when you eat, read, meditate... does the Spirit of God follow you in your sleep, whereby the anointing is manifested in real time? I can tell you right now the answer is no. You are clueless! You must be.

If you were not, you would know that the scripture Jesus quoted when he was tempted by the devil, your father, due to the fact that if you knew God you would love me, " shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God..." God did not say every word in the Bible. And even if he did, it is His Glory to hide a thing from what is written to what is spoken. This is not in contention, but rather to let you know, you are not a worthy opponent. Therefore, let us reason together, but before we do get called to the Secret Place where the Father would take delight in our conversations.

And remember this.. the letter of the law kills... so now where is your interpretation?

Aug 25, 2010
"The seer" should be "blind faith"
by: Anonymous

Ha! And you were around back then so you are able to debunk the authenticity of those "uncanonized lost books" and the identity of the Nephilim. Yep, of course if they haven't been canonized by the same bloodlines and interests that now seek to enslave the world through the NWO, and have total control of every individual from the cradle to the grave, then of course they muuussstt be false.. and of course there is noooo other credible source of information other than the bible.

Forget that some of those texts pre-date texts included in the bible. Forget that other ancient civilizations that pre-date the torah have kept historical records. Forget that the bible was AUTHORIZED by a King who forbade any other version to be read (sounds like control and dictatorship to me).

Forget the numerous, yet convenient, mis-translations in the bible... oh no it is the perfect word of GOD.. "he who seeks shall find".

But, of course it will ONLY be the TRUTH if it can be supported by a collection of only 66 books by 40 authors out of the thousands of OTHER historical documents/carvings and authors, some of which are older. Oh but of course.. they are not canonized by the same EVIL authoritarian organizations as the ones you so believe in.

Blind faith, keep your eyes shut while they take every last fragment of freedom from you.

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