YAHWEH's Daughter II

by Kay

Listen, YAHWEH only breathed into us the Hebrew Israelite. We are made from the earth and Satan refused to bow to us as YAHWEH told him to do: I am made out of fire and they are made out of the dirt of the earth, I will not bow to them.

We Hebrews have been lied to, (by these same demons that left their place) after YAH cursed us and scattered us all over the earth. The proof is in the word in Deuteronomy 28 to 31. Read these chapters and there are more of the same all over the Bible.

I am not being mean, but YAHWEH did not breath into the Caucasians. You will have to go to, or COFAH NETWORK, and you will find your evidence and scientific truth.

Yes we are black skinned, but the only way you Gentiles can be saved is through a Hebrew, as Yahashoua said to Nickademos, you cannot enter the kingdom unless you are born again.
We Hebrews only have to be redeemed.

So now I hope you understand who sits in power of this world at this time - the Watcher's offspring.

The Gentile rule is nearly over.

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Oct 19, 2011
Yahweh's daughter
by: REX

Genesis 1:31 - God saw everything he made and behold it was very good....

Oct 19, 2011
by: Robert Marshall

Lujack Skylark - Psalm 5 verse 5

Oct 19, 2011
by: Lujack Skylark

God breathed into Adam and Adam came to life. God loves all his creation from the very beginning.

Oct 18, 2011
yahweh's daughter II
by: Robert Marshall

God said everything grows from the seed of whatever the fruit is. there is no proof that angels ever had the ability to procreate humans. The only reason God gave man the gift of procreating was God could no longer create anything once He cursed His creation. God said to man multiply and fill the earth. Why would God do that if He could do it Himself. The reason is, God could no longer create something perfect, in a cursed world. Nobody can understand God's plan unless the Holy Spirit witnesses to your spirit. That will not happen if you are not one of His children.Everything you see in this world is procreated after their own kind. There are no hybrids. The gentiles were grafted into the olive tree by God. There were no Jews or gentiles in Adams time. We do not see things the way God does. One day everything will be destroyed by God. He will then create a new heaven and earth. Then everything will be as it was in Adams day. The difference will be that our schooling in good and evil will be over. Only perfection will be eternal. You can't analyze dirt unless you eat some. God has taken His creation through some tough schooling. Everybody failed. That is why we have salvation. If that were not so God would have destroyed the world as soon as Adam and Eve sinned. The Lambs book of life slain before the foundation of the world tells us something bad is coming. It doesn't say the Lambs book of death. If all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God, and the wages of sin is death It is a good thing we have salvation. Otherwise God had every right to destroy this world when adam and eve sinned. God said all man's wisdom is ignorance to God. Who shall we beleive. I myself will beleive God and let the chips fall where they may.

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