The Nephilim: Before and After the Flood

by Adam Becker
(Alpharetta, Ga)

Many years ago I was in a conflict with a high priestess of the pagan goddess Ashtoreth. I learned much in that conflict.

That high priestess had been personally visited by her goddess since she was 14. She knew exactly what her goddess was. Her goddess claimed to be the Nephilim daughter of one of the 4 angels bound at the Euphrates.

According to her, Enoch is correct that the Watchers fell into error by taking wives. The reason was, they wanted to elevate their own status by having offspring that could achieve greater glory, yet be under the authority of their fathers.

Yah destroyed all the children prior to, or by, the flood and bound the angels. The serpent in the garden was NOT Satan or Lucifer but one of the former satans, i.e., the 'serpents root'.

It was the four angels that guarded Eden before the flood that fell into the same error after the flood. It was those 4 that were bound at Euphrates, when the corruption at the Tower of Babel was destroyed.

Just like the Watchers before the flood, the angels were bound and locked away until final judgment. It was the Nephilim children left behind meant to stand judgment with the rest of mankind, because even though they were of angelic descent, they were man by birth, hence the statement 'Is this the man ...' referenced in Isa 14.

He was born a winged Nephilim, that had his wings plucked by Yah, the 'winged lion' of Daniel, the 'fiery flying serpent', that is the fruit/child/offspring of the cockatrice, i.e. Heylel/Lucifer SON OF Shachar or Apollyon, the destroyer, the king of the bottomless pit.

The angelic father was known by many names in scripture. One of his titles was 'Shachar', or 'the morning/dayspring'. It was his 'stars' that sang together at the laying of the foundation of the earth, and it was him that Yah assigned to draw all wicked men unto him (Job 38).

He is referenced in scripture as the cockatrice, Hadad, the thunderer, and by the Greeks as Zeus.

Her goddess was the 2nd ranked of the four major principalities of the realm of the dead. She was the spirit of a dead Nephilim, while the one we know as Lucifer/Heylel was her elder twin brother. He was the pagan sun god of Babel, i.e. Molech of Babel.

The passage in Isa 14 is about the casting down of the pagan worship raised up at Babel and the destruction of the children. They, as the greatest of the Nephilim being descent of mighty angels, took dominion over the realm of the spirits of the dead, including the lesser Nephilim from before the flood.

That pagan goddess was the direct mother of both Nimrod, where she gained her title 'queen of heaven/sky' as queen mother, as well as being the mother of Sidon, via Canaan. The royal lineage of Sidon were her direct descendants.

Her human mother was worshiped as Asherah, the mother of all mankind and gods. She was none other then Na'amah, the wife of Noah, who took on a 2nd husband after Canaan castrated Noah. Her Ugaritic title 'Asherah of the seas', or 'she who treads upon the sea', is a reference to surviving the flood as one of the titans, or generation before the flood.

The four major principalities of hell are Apollyon (Lucifer/Molech/Baalzebub...), Ashtoreth (Diana, Kali,... goddess of Jezebel, the great whore of babel), and Baal/prince (ie Nimrod). These are the primary 3, or unholy trinity, with Asherah, the great mother, mother earth, a lesser fourth member.

I spent years researching the evidence and found that it ALL lines up with scripture.

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Dec 17, 2022
Every Comment was 100% Wrong
by: Deric Ryals

Adam was the Son of God on Earth, the Serpent was a Lineage of the serpent Race that was here on Earth before Adam, the Fruit was knowledge, now a real piece of Fruit, The Knowledge of Good nd Evil, it was also known as the Law of Sin and Death, because the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, gave the Knowledge of Sin, and when you brake the Laws in the Knowledge of Sin, the Wages of Sin is Death! Romans 6:23. For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.
Had Adam not taken the Knowledge, he would have never became a Sinner, because he would have never had the knowledge of sin,
Romans 5:13. (For until the law sin was in the world: but sin is not imputed when there is no law.

Adam was commmiting the Acts of Sin, but without the Knowledge he was not held responsible, but once he learned from the Law of Sin and Death, he became responsible1

Jan 09, 2012
Nature of Satan's Temptation
by: Anonymous

Adam and Eve only knew Good before eating from the the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Now they would know evil, and nothing evil can come into the presence of God. It may be possible that Satan had actually possessed the tree with his spirit( Recall the fig tree that Jesus spoke to and told it would bare fruit no more) (also remember the tree that they used the leaves from to make aprons from was a fig tree).

It may well be that Satan could not enter these two because they were good. However if they ate something that entered their molecular system then it could corrupt them and all generations after them. Remember the life is in the blood. The scripture says that the spirit is life.Thus this corruption became the carnal spirit that can not be subject to God.

Jan 09, 2012
Why Christ Had to Come
by: Anonymous

The Scripture states that the carnal spirit is not subject to God and neither can it be.
There is no doubt that the serpent had a sexual encounter with Eve . The scripture also states that Cain was of that evil one.

But there is also one other thing I would like to inject here. I use to call it "The Satan Bug". I do not think the only reason the serpent wanted Adam and Eve to eat of the tree was to break God's Commandment. You see the scripture also states that the life is in the blood. I think the serpent and Eve may have produced an off spring but more importantly, when they ate of the Tree it's fruit became part of their digestive system and thus in their blood.

Now they were infected. Just as we pass on traits to our children this trait would be passed on to all mankind. the carnal spirit of man would never be subject to God. Therefore, God sending his own son in the likeness of sinful flesh condemned sin in the flesh.

Now we could be born again, not of the water birth from our mother but the spiritual birth from heaven.

Apr 04, 2011
by: David toronto, ontario.

How funny history changes to fit the cultures and their beliefs. The truth has been added with lies to create confusion.

Brother who saw the witch, I beg you to not see her to satisfy your curiosity again. She can harm you spiritually and physically.

Most religions believe the world was created this way, which you know, brother, it is not true, with all the problems we have in this world.

To many open minded people join other religion to blend with their life style. Whoever created this world, we all fall under the Creator. It doesn't matter what your beliefs are.

The Truth is the truth; like it or not.

Dec 10, 2010
The Nephilim
by: J K Burns

What a lot of rubbish. Yes, I have studied all this for years. It's interesting, but nonetheless just proves that every religion is in it together.

They are all made up, and all connected with Egypt, Babylonian religions and Greek myths.

I used to believe it but have opened my eyes. God has got to be true, but not through any writings it seems.

From Julia

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