Last Days Related to the Book of Enoch

by David
(Toronto ,Ontario)

Remeber that atheists always say religion is the cause of the world's problems. But it is the person behind the religion that causes the problem. They alway say if there is a God, how come there is war, famine, hunger?

It's not God's fault. We are the ones causing the problems. And then they will say; How about natural disasters? Look at us, we are imperfect we commit sin.

Look at the animal kingdom, imperfect - eating each other. Don't you think the Earth is imperfect? They always ask questions so they can satisfy their own belief.

The main reason they dont want to believe is so that they can be free to do whatever they want. This is a lie caused by the spiritual nation called Babylon(confusion).

Any way, after the religion war, the atheist empire will be visited by two prophets and they will make the Earth suffer for their disbelief, and then the beast will fight them.

During the fight, the prophet will injure the beast on the head.

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