Robert Arias, Bible student and teacher of the word -

by Robert Arias
(La Quinta, CA)

I am beginning a "Beginner's Class" at my church, and we are beginning with the "Book of Beginnings" (Genesis). The "Table of Nations" will come in very handy, especially since you include maps.

As a public school teacher, I can tell you that kids no longer get History taught to them in the Primary grades, due to the "constraints" of meeting the mandates of state testing (History, Geography, Culture, etc. is NOT tested, therefore it is not taught in public schools until the students reach Middle school (or sixth grade).

By then . . . you can no longer "wow" them with tales of Nimrod, the one who stood "mighty before God." The generation of today is literally "clueless" when it comes to reasons "WHY" we do such and such . . . If they would only be introduced to the "Answers in Genesis" (Chp. 1-11), they would get such a better perspective on why we have "customs" that we hold to TODAY: more than 6,000 years after they were introduced into society.

Keep up the "good work" of "educating the educators," so that we may carry the torch to light the way for the next generation.



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